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A Chorus Line - 2012 - Singapore - AUSTRALIAN TOUR

A Chorus Line - 2012 - Singapore - AUSTRALIAN TOUR
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Product Description

This production features the Australian tour cast, which toured Asia at the conclusion of the Australian tour.

The disc includes a pre-show speech ( audio only ) which features a member of the original 1975 Broadway cast who speaks to the audience about the origins of the show. Note: Only the pre-show speech is audio-only. After that, the picture and sound quality are excellent.

Well filmed from the audience.

Starring: Josh Horner (Zack), Gerrard Carter (Larry), Mark Hill (Don), Stephanie Grigg (Maggie), James Maxfield (Mike), Leah Lim (Connie), Rohan Browne (Greg), Anita Louise Combe (Cassie), Debora Krizak (Sheila), Ashley McKenzie (Bobby), Monique Salle (Bebe), Renee Armstrong (Judy), Kurt Douglas (Richie), Will Centurion (Al), Sian Johnson (Kristine), Hayley Winch (Val), Scott Morris (Mark), Euan Doidge (Paul), Karlee Misipeka (Diana).

Year(s): 05.04.12

Format: DVD

Run time: Approx. 130m

Country: Asia

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color