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The first in an unparalleled series of tapes devoted solely to the commercials from this wonderful era of television. Volume I includes Mr. Potato Head, Daffy Drops, Merry Milkman, Pencil Craft Color by Numbers, Grab a Loop, Robot Commando, Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat, Trick Shot, Lionel's Turbo Missile Firing Collection, Lionel Microscope and Biocraft Sets, Tiger Joe Tank, The Dick Tracy Shoulder Holster Radio and Two Way Wrist Radio, Dick Tracy Silent Bay and Target Game, 007 Action Pack, Man from UNCLE Secret Pen, 007 Vapor Paper, Fighter Jet, Steve Canyon Helmet, Countdown Missile Bases, Astrobase and Colonel McCauley Space Helmet, Deluxe Man in Space, Billy Blastoff, Johnny Reb Civil War Cannon, Gaylord the Dog, Lucky Star Bubble Gum Machine, Buddy L Car Set, BONANZA Action Set with Pa, Hoss and Little Joe, Roy Rogers Telephone and Chuck Wagon Set, and Mr. Machine. A Special Road Race section: a great series of long road race commercials with action music and great angles -- Rocket 500, Johnny Lightning Road Race Set-Up and Eldon Dune Buggy Set, plus a long Ding-a-Ling robot collection of dozens of different motorized robots. The tape also includes a TV segment with Garry Moore showing off the best toys to buy for Christmas 1953, the Toy Guidance Council's Power Car Jr. which runs by batteries and can run in the house or outside, Clatter Gaiters pull blocks, Harriet Hubbard Ayer Doll and Makeup kit, German Toy Company Shueco has a series great metal wind up car toys, "Wire Road Traffic Set", then a magic Whistle makes a metal car toy move on its own. The German company includes a real looking monkey doll then a flying mobile geese and dart rifle.