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MOTO X MANIA - 2007 - 4 DVDS

MOTO X MANIA - 2007 - 4 DVDS
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Moto X Mania

Moto X Mania on DVD: Feel the Adrenaline Rush! 4 Complete Videos

It's non-stop freestyle action in Moto X Mania, the 4-DVD collection of heart-stopping motocross videos. Get dirty in Ride MX as the RMX crew freerides across the US and Europe. Follow "Mad" Mike Jones as he roles sports utility vehicles and clears 230+ foot jumps to maintain his champion title. Push the limits in Moto XXX Vol 5: Free For All with backflips, freestyle and airs reaching over 200 feet. Finally, witness the biggest crashes, best jumps, and most intense freestyle in Moto XXX Vol 6: Let It Ride. From the USA to Europe and sand dunes to casinos, Moto X Mania on DVD invites you along for a freestylin ride you ll never forget.

Ride MX