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TOP HAT ~ 2011 ~ UK, TOUR

TOP HAT ~ 2011 ~ UK, TOUR
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Top Hat ~ 2011 ~ UK, Tour

Starring: Tom Chambers (Jerry Travers), Summer Strallen (Dale Tremont), Martin Ball (Horace Hardwick), Vivien Parry (Madge Hardwick), Ricardo Alonso (Alberto Beddini), Stephen Boswell (Bates).

“Based on the 1935 film of the same name, Top Hat is about American dancer Jerry Travers who is working in London for producer Horace Hardwick.

When practicing his new dance routine late one night in Horace's hotel he wakes the sleeping Dale Tremont in the room below. She knocks on his door to complain and the pair are immediately attracted to each other, but there are complications when Dale mistakes Jerry for Horace who is married to her friend.

At the conclusion of this successful UK tour, the show is currently playing on London’s West End, and the producers are in talks to bring it to Broadway. Nicely filmed, and crystal clear. (A)

Year(s): 2011 Format: DVD (2 DVDs) Run time: 140m Country: U.K. Language: English B&W / Color: Color