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In some parts of the world today it is thought that children should not learn how to 'lose' . . . sports games end in a planned tie, everyone is a winner, everyone gets a trophy. Unfortunately in real life and the business of making ones way through life, there are winners and there are losers. Ralph M. Like was a pioneer in the science of adding sound to motion pictures and always had a good day job with movie companies, but he wanted more. Mr. Like had a passion to become a wealthy and famous motion picture producer and using his earnings from his day job he bought several small but struggling motion picture companies with the dream of becoming the head of a major motion picture company. Over the years he bought or started at least five motion picture studios and churned out crime dramas and action pictures during the 1930's, many featuring his pretty brunette wife Blanche Mehaffey, who stars in this crime adventure. He used the same pool of actors that we see in many of the films from the larger studios, his plots had as much interesting dialogue as many other movies, but none of his pictures hit a home run . . . for some reason every time he took a stab at the brass ring he wound up broke and out of business. Fortunately he never gave up his day work as a sound engineer, but as a motion picture producer . . . he won a place in motion picture history with 32 movies to his producing credit, but he never earned enough money from them to leave his day job at the bigger studios. In this crime adventure his real-life wife Blanche Mehaffey is the sister of a fellow that died in the electric chair after being framed for murder by a gangster and she is trying to clear her brother's name and get the goods on the gangster, but he frames her for murder, and she may face the electric chair just like her brother did! Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show.

Director: E. Mason Hopper

Stars: Blanche Mehaffey, John Darrow, Raymond Hatton

61 minutes.