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British comedienne Cicely Courtneidge has a body built for comedy, but the American nightclub owner opening a big new nightclub in London is only looking for young, barely-dressed beauties. Courtneidge, as wanna-be stage star Sally Bird, tries her best to get a job in King Kelly’s new production, but King Kelly will have none of her foolishness. She keeps interrupting the rehearsals trying in vain to get a job, but King Kelly and his staff keep throwing her out of the theatre. In desperation the funny girl gets a job as a maid at King Kelly’s place where she manages to annoy him even more with her comic antics. One day she overhears Kelly lamenting the fact that his leading lady star does not have that special ‘something’ that will woo the audiences. Kelly wants a ‘name’ . . . . He wants a gal with something special, something that will knock the socks off of the audience. Soon Courtneidge shows up dressed as a French stage star named Lady Zaza, and King Kelly is so impressed with her French accent and her mysterious and exotic personality that he makes her the star of his show. Unfortunately prohibition has just ended in the Colonies and the New York gangsters who made their money protecting speak-easies and nightclubs from the coppers are out of work. One gang comes to London to put the pinch on King Kelly and take a piece of his action. The gangsters decide that the best way to force King Kelly to give them a slice of his profits is to kidnap his French star. Of course, feisty Cicely Courtneidge manages to get away from the gangsters holding her and turn them over to the cop riding by on his motorcycle, and she will use the cop’s motorcycle to get to the theatre on time to go on. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

Director: Tim Whelan

Stars: Cicely Courtneidge, Sam Hardy, Phyllis Clare