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Poor Luci, she is a 15 year old English schoolgirl about to embark on a promising career as the high-school mattress when she comes home one day from school to find her Mum as dead as a door knob in the tub. You see her Mum has cut her wrists after a long unrewarding career as the town mattress. Fortunately for Luci, her Mum's childhood friend is now a very successful upper-middle class doctor who has decided to take Luci home to his family (on a trial basis). Luci's new family (The Quayles) has a few issues. The father's libedo is on the wane and he has a stick permanently stuck up his butt. The mother was "convent schooled" and misses the good old days of snuggling up with a pretty young girl. The son is an amateur peeper without the libedo problem but also with a stick up his butt. Luci arrives in the midst of all this with her one suitcase, a bit unbalanced from her mother's recent suicide, and does everything she can to fit in with her new family - more or less. There isn't a whole lot of nudity or explicit sex. I've read that the film was originally given an "X" rating but don't let that fool you. This was 1968. Many films which would barely make an "R" rating today got an X in those days. In any event, it was released on video in the 1980s with an "R" rating and the copyright was abandoned in the U.S. in the mid 1990's. The video is "Deleted" in England.