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Battle Stations (1956) - RARE DVD - JOHN LUND - WILLIAM BENDIX

Battle Stations (1956) - RARE DVD - JOHN LUND - WILLIAM BENDIX
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Product Description

The crew of a U.S. Navy ship in World War II goes into battle against the Japanese fleet.

A rebuilt WWII carrier sails back to the Pacific theater to rejoin the war in early 1945, a carrier the Japanese think they sank. So if she shows up again, they will go after her with a vengeance. And they do, nearly destroying her again, ending that mission for her, but she is able to limp back to the states. The captain is tough, he knows the added risk for his ship, but shows he also has a heart by not relieving a pilot of flight duty, one who committed a serious mistake by not taking a wave-off as instructed. Lot of action shots, many appearing to be actual war footage.

Stars: John Lund, William Bendix, Keefe Brasselle