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It should have been so easy . . . Eloping with her beloved on New Year’s Eve at the end of a grand masquerade party . . . . Slipping away in a car to paradise while the guests were celebrating the New Year. It should have been so easy . . . . . Young and beautiful Lady June Slade is in love with her brother Jimmy’s best friend Nick, and everything is set for a quiet and quick elopement during the big New Year’s Eve party that her family is hosting. Her father Lord Slade has just ‘acquired’ a famous jewel encrusted gold Mongolian shield and it will be the center of attention at the party. With a famous detective from Interpol and Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Mallory on hand to watch the priceless shield, all should be well. At midnight, when the lights go down and everyone takes off their mask, June and Nick will slip away and ride off into a life of happy blissful marriage. . . . . Nick has a special marriage license secretly obtained weeks earlier . . . . A special car has been prepared for their journey to the vicar and on to the honeymoon. . . . Their bags have been packed and all is ready. Before the masquerade party begins a hooded stranger enters Nick’s home and assaults him and knocks him out cold. As Nick is being attacked he sees a triangle tattoo on the attacker’s wrist and proclaims that he knows who the attacker must be. . . . . . We Segway to the masquerade ball and watch as someone enters wearing the costume that Nick was going to wear. June sees the masked man and smiles, knowing that it is her Nick, and soon they will be leaving the party to get married . . . . . As midnight approaches June slips away and sits in the car eagerly waiting for Nick to join her . . . . The lights go down and everyone takes off their masks to celebrate the New Year, but the masked man in Nick’s costume quickly snatches the priceless jewel encrusted shield and rushes out to the car that June is waiting in, and he drives away with June and the gold shield. Meanwhile Nick is recovering from his attack and wondering where his costume is, and why he was assaulted by the man with a triangle tattoo . . . . His best friend . . . . . June’s brother Jimmy. The thrills and chills are just beginning on this brand new year, and the marriage will not go off as planned. . . . . It should have been so easy . . . . . Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

Directed by Michael Powell

The Actors: Hugh Williams, Jane Baxter, Ronald Ward.