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1-April 9, 1950 - FIRST BOB HOPE TV SHOW

Bob Hope's debut in the "Star Spangled Revue" with guests Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Dinah Shore, Beatrice Lillie and Hal LeRoy. Also appearing are Maurice Rocco, the Mexico City Boys Choir and the Jack Cole Dancers. Highlights: Bob Hope and Dinah Shore sing a rendition of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" set in an igloo. "Dragalong Cavendish," an Anglicized version of "Hopalong Cassidy." Dinah Shore sings "I Didn't Know What Time It Was".

2-December 2, 1951 - VAUDEVILLE

From Hollywood, Bob Hope is joined by Bob Crosby, Eddie Bracken, Weber & Fields, The Skylarks, The Rio Brothers, Toni Arden, and Frank Faylen. This musical comedy hour salutes the American Guild of Variety Artists.

3-March 29, 1953

Bob Hope welcomes songstress/actress Rosemary Clooney and dancer/singer/actor Mickey Rooney for an hour of comedy and music. Also appearing The Bell Sisters and Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

4-May 11, 1954

Bob Hope's guests are Dorothy Lamour, Edmond O'Brien, Sheldon Leonard and Verna Felton. Also appearing announcer Hy Averback and Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

5-January 9, 1955

Bob Hope and his gang, William Holden, Anita Ekberg, Robert Strauss, Hedda Hopper, Margaret Whiting and the Nick Castle Dancers travel to Greenland to entertain the troops with a comedy and musical revue. Highlights: Bob Hope does his usual comic monologue about life in the military. William Holden and Robert Strauss join Bob in a Stalag 17 parody. Anita Ekberg is on hand for the soldiers. Margaret Whiting sings "We're Having a Heat Wave", and cracks up in a routine with Bob.

6-April 26, 1955

Bob Hope's guests are Lloyd Nolan, Hans Conried, Jerry Colonna, Parisian chanteuse Line Renaud, Vicki Draves, Miss Malta & Company dog act. Also with Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

7-February 28, 1956

From England, Bob Hope's guests include French chanteuse Line Renaud, actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr., British comedian Tommy Trinder and The Bernard Brothers. Highlights: Fairbanks joins Hope in a satire on British commercials. Line Renaud and Bob are caught smuggling California wine into Paris. Tommy Trinder presents his version of "A Night at the Palladium". The Bernard Brothers perform an excerpt from their act at Pigalle in Paris. Bob Hope presents six lovely ladies in costume representing their respective countries: Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Scotland and Sweden.


9-OCTOBER 14, 1958

Bob Hope's guests are Joan Crawford, France's famous clown, Fernandel Robert Strauss, Hillary Brooke and the Bernard Brothers. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

10- May 1, 1956

Bob Hope's guests are Kathryn Grayson, Pearl Bailey and George Sanders. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

11- DECEMBER 28, 1956

USO Alaska Xmas Show Bob Hope's guests include Ginger Rogers, Desi Arnaz, Mickey Mantle, Jerry Colonna, Peggy King, DelRubio Triplets and Joan Rhodes. Highlights: Mickey Mantle plays a pampered spoiled private who has just been drafted, much to the chagrin of Commander Hope.

12-January 16, 1959

USO Xmas European Bases Show. From the Azores; Port Lioti, Africa; Marone and Madrid in Spain; Barona, Bajensa, and aboard the USS Forrestal at Naples, Italy; Frankfurt, and Tempelhof in West Berlin, Germany; Prestwick, Scotland; Keflavik, Iceland; and Goose Bay, Labrador. Bob Hope along with guests Gina Lollobrigida, Molly Bee, Elaine Dunn, Randy Sparks, Hedda Hopper, and Jerry Colonna entertain service personnel stationed abroad. Highlights: Gina sings "Non Dimenticar".

13-February 10, 1959

Bob Hope's guests are Maureen O'Hara, Danny Thomas and Carol Haney. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

14-January 13, 1960

Bob Hope entertained troops in Alaska for Christmas. Bob Hope's guests include Jayne Mansfield, TV Western star Steve McQueen and his wife, dancer Neile Adams, singer Frances Langford, zany Jerry Colonna, musician Tony Romano, dancer Patty Thomas, actor Peter Leeds and the Skinnay Ennis Orchestra. Highlights: Patty Thomas and Bob Hope dance "Bear dance". Frances Langford sings "Night and Day". A Japanese sketch is performed by Hope, McQueen, Leeds. Jayne Mansfield sings "I've Got a Crush on You." "If I Had My Way" is performed by Bob Hope, Jerry Colonna and Tony Romano. Neile Adams performs "I Enjoy Being a Girl". All join in for "Standing on the Corner" . Frances Langford sings "Silent Night".

15-April 12, 1961

Bob Hope's guests are James Darren, Phil Harris and Patti Page. With the David Rose Orchestra. Highlights: Bob and Patti portray a giddy couple with their own "Population Explosion", 16 offspring. Patti, Bob and Phil join in "The Last Angry Husband", a satire in which the eternal triangle is bent out of shape. Patti Page sings "Dondi" and "Darktown Strutters Ball". Bob and Phil perform "Hey, Look Me Over". James Darren performs "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" and "Wild About that Gal".

16-November 16, 1960

From the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Bob Hope's guests are Steve McQueen, Neile Adams and Kay Starr. Also Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

17-February 27, 1962

Bob Hope's guests are Jack Paar, Joan Collins, Steve Allen, Joanie Sommers, Sid Melton, Robert Strauss and a cameo appearance Bing Crosby. David Rose and His orchestra Highlights: Bob, Steve and Jack in a skit called "The King and Us" discussing who will replace Jack Paar when he leaves the show. Bing Crosby makes a surprise guest appearance at the end of the sketch. A spoof on "Car 54" called "Bicycle 54, Are You There?" in which Steve and Bob play a British "Toody and Muldoon" working on the killing of Sir Roger Wilco. Joanie Sommers has a big production number as she sings "It's Love". Joan Collins plays the first woman customs inspector.

18-February 22, 1960

Bob Hope's guests are Ginger Rogers, Wally Cox, golfer Jimmy Demaret, and the winners from the Photoplay Magazine Gold Medal Awards; Millie Perkins, Troy Donahue, Producer Ross Hunter and Director Michael Gordon. With the David Rose Orchestra. Highlights: Bob, Ginger and Wally do a sketch titled "Life in the Afternoon". Bob and Ginger duet on "Ballin' the Jack". Ginger performs "I Got Rhythm".

19-December 13, 1961

Bob Hope's guests are Danny Thomas, James Garner and Nancy Kwan. Also the 1961 Hollywood Deb Stars as well as the 1961 Look All-America Football Team. With Gary Collins, Lance Alworth, John Hadl and Roman Gabriel.

20- 1952