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SET #1 LAW OF THE SADDLE - Law of the Saddle stars Bob Livingston as Rocky Cameron, aka "The Lone Rider". With his sidekick Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al St. John), Rocky rides into a small town plagued by cattle rustlers. WOLVES OF THE RANGE - Dorn, is after the rancher's landWhen Rocky (Bob Livingston) volunteers to ride to the next town for money, he is ambushed by Dorn's men, loses his memory, and is jailed for supposedly stealing the money

SET #2 RAIDERS OF RED GAP - Charles King plays Jack Bennett, the head of a crooked cattle syndicate attempting to drive away the local ranchers in order to build a packing plant. WILD HORSE RUSTLERS - Hero Tom Cameron (Bob Livingston) discovers that his twin brother (also Bob Livingston) is with a group of German spies. The villains intend to thwart the government's efforts to round up horses for military service

SET #3 DEATH RIDES THE PLAINS - Serial killers are on the loose in this "Lone Rider" entry. A couple of crooks, Ben Gowdey (Ray Bennett) and Grogan (I. Stanford Jolley) have repeatedly sold the Circle C Ranch to unsuspecting buyers, whom they summarily rob and kill before signing the papers. BOLD CABALLERO (in color) - a rare color version of the "Zorro" legend. Robert Livingston essays the dual role of foppish Spanish-Californian aristocrat Don Diego, who when the necessity arises dons the mask and black cape of righter-of-wrongs Zorro. It is very rare to find a color print of this classic and we have it!

SET #4 BENEATH WESTERN SKIES - a cowboy is struck on the head and loses his memory. Opportunistic outlaws then assure him that he is in their gang. OVERLAND - STAGECOACH - To get control of the stage line, Kent has started a feud between the approaching railroad and the stage company. To help out, Fuzzy sends for his friend Tom (Bob Livingston) Cameron, the Lone Rider. But Kent has installed a secret compartment on the stage where his man can hide and he soon has both Tom and Fuzzy wanted for murder.

SET #5 LARAMIE TRAIL - When first we meet Livingston, he appears to be an ingenuous dude, unwise to the harsh ways of the West. He proves to have more grit than expected when he rescues innocent cowboy John James from a murder rap. The overall brooding atmosphere seems attuned to a Raymond Chandler detective story. PRIDE OF THE PLAINS - Livingston is cast as Johnny Revere, while Smiley Burnette reprises his tried-and-true "Frog Millhouse" screen persona. Johnny and Frog take on a bad guy (Kenneth MacDonald) who intends to raid a government-protected herd of wild horses for his own financial gain.