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Those wacky wordsmiths the Brits . . . . What would YOU expect with a story titled 'Climbing High'? As the movie opens we are in a Canadian lumber camp and watching as lumberjacks climb tall trees and I figure that we are in for a tough lumber jack adventure in the north woods of Canada . . . . But no, that is not the Brits idea of climbing high . . . . We quickly move to London and meet two girls and a daffy socialist who are scraping for their next meal. The amazing Alastair Sim is a shirtless model . . . You heard me right . . . Alastair Sim spends most of his minutes in this motion picture bare-chested . . . . So stop eating your breakfast before you ruin your entire day. The leading lady and Sim find work as advertising models, and they are quickly climbing out of poverty to being well off . . . . But that is not what the canny Brits meant when they named the movie . . . . Michael Redgrave, as Nicholas Brooke, is a wealthy businessman who bumps into Diana Castle, our leading lady, with the car he is driving . . . . Twice . . . . and it is love at first sight for him, . . . . But for Diana? . . . . Well, she can't stand him so much that she also falls in love with him . . . . But wait . . . . Lady Constance and her family want to marry Nicky Brooke for his money. . . . You see, they have the title but no cash, and Lady Constance and her mother Lady Emily will scheme mightily to force Nicky to marry her and pay their bills . . . . But wealthy Nicky has no desire to climb the social ladder with Lady Constance, he only has eyes for Diana . . . now a fashion model paid to be photographed in her underwear . . . Confused yet? . . . . Well, don't worry about the details, it will all fall together between the madcap slapstick comedy scenes and you will enjoy it all right up to the climbing of the Matterhorn in Switzerland . . . . Yes, you heard me correctly . . . . . Oh, I give up . . . . I have no idea at all which scene inspired the name of this adventure, I just know that I enjoyed every slapstick moment . . . . Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

Director: Carol Reed

Stars: Jessie Matthews, Michael Redgrave, Noel Madison

78 minutes.