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Well, I am at a loss . . . I was going to tell you about director Roland West and his mistress, co-star of this movie, Thelma Todd. I was going to tell you about the mysterious death of Thelma Todd in December 1935 at the age of 29, with whispered theories that Roland West actually killed her and planted her body in her garage with a running car to make it look like suicide. I was going to tell you that some people have said that star of this movie, Chester Morris, was with director Roland West at his death and heard a whispered confession from the director. I was going to mention all of that, but the movie itself turned out to be a much better story than that.

This movie is pre-code, so no censors made changes to the script to make it tame and family friendly. No one stopped them from filming cold-blooded murder like seldom seen until after the Hays Office disappeared in the late 1960's.

In old movies none of the cheesecake girls get killed on screen by the gangsters . . . except in this one. In old movies death is 'gentle' - you will not see gangsters tying a case of Prohibition champagne to the legs of one of our pirates and tossing him overboard to his death. . . except in this one.

Director: Roland West

Stars: Chester Morris, Thelma Todd, Fred Kohler

65 minutes.