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Director: Elmer Clifton

Stars: Luana Walters, Arthur Gardner, Dorothy Short

A high-school girl gets involved with a ring of teenage marijuana smokers and starts down the road to ruin. A reporter poses as a soda jerk to infiltrate the gang of teen dope fiends.


Director: Louis J. Gasnier

Stars: Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig, Lillian Miles

Film that relates the story, as told by high school principal Dr. Carroll to parents at a PTA meeting, of the scourge of marijuana. The tale revolves around Mae and Jack, accomplices in the distribution of marijuana, who manage to entice the local high school kids to stop by Mae's apartment to smoke reefer. The lives of all who are involved with this menace are inevitably shattered. One man becomes so addicted to the killer weed that the guilt over framing a teen for murder causes a judge to order him to be committed for life to a mental hospital. Dr. Carroll closes by advising us to not incur the same tragedy.

- MARIHUANA – 1936

Director: Dwain Esper

Stars: Harley Wood, Hugh McArthur, Pat Carlyle

A young girl named Burma attends a beach party with her boyfriend and after she smokes marijuana with a bunch of other girls, she gets pregnant and another girl drowns while skinny dipping in the ocean. Burma and her boyfriend go to work for the pusher in order to make money so they can get married. However, during a drug deal her boyfriend is killed leaving Burma to fend for herself. Burma then becomes a major narcotics pusher in her own right after giving up her baby for adoption.

- CHILD BRIDE – 1938

Director: Harry Revier

Stars: Shirley Mills, Bob Bollinger, Warner Richmond

12-year-old Jennie lives with her parents in extremely rural mountain country. Her schoolteacher Miss Carol, a mountain girl herself, went off to get educated and has returned hoping to stop the tradition of child marriage which permeates the culture. Jennie's father Ira is a good man who tries to protect Miss Carol from the men who warn her to call off her crusade. One of those threatening men, Jake Bolby, has his eye on young Jennie and plots to make her his bride.


Director: Albert Herman

Stars: June Carlson, Fifi D'Orsay, Teala Loring

A town is shocked when a high school girl commits suicide. A reporter and a cop team up to investigate and find out exactly what is going on among the youth of the town.


Director: William A. O'Connor

Stars: Lois January, Noel Madison, Sheila Bromley

Small town girl Jane Bradford falls for Nick, a guy from the big city who offers her the opportunity to get away from her small town life. He also offers her "headache powder", she not knowing that it's cocaine and that Nick is a drug pusher. By the time they get to the city, she's hooked on her new medicine. Jane's brother, Eddie, goes to the city to look for his sister, who has not kept in touch with her family. Eddie gets a job as a carhop at a drive-in and is befriended by a drive-in's waitress named Fanny. Fanny is one of Nick's customers, and Fanny soon gets Eddie hooked on the headache powder. Due to this vice, Eddie and Fanny's life soon goes downhill. They're both fired from their jobs and are unable to find other work in their drugged out state. On the periphery of both Eddie and Jane's life is Dorothy Farley, a customer at the drive-in. Dorothy, dating Dan, comes from a wealthy family and she throws her money around easily. She's willing to assist financially those in need....


Director: Harry L. Fraser

Stars: Violet Hilton, Daisy Hilton, Mario Lava

Siamese twins are a singing act, apparently in vaudeville. Their manager, to drum up business bribes a man who has a shooting act to become romantically involved with her. The bribe works and business increases dramatically. The man proposes marriage and the proposal is accepted. He walks out on her on their wedding night to remain with his assistant with whom he has a relationship. The sister of the rejected bride shoots him during his act. The movie starts with the judge, who is hearing the case without a jury, advises us, the audience, that this is a difficult case. The movie poses the question of whether he can punish the one who is the shooter without punishing the other sister.

- ESCORT GIRL – 1941

Director: Edward Kaye

Stars: Betty Compson, Margaret Marquis, Robert Kellard

Ruth Ashley (Betty Compson) and oily Gregory Stone (Wheeler Oakman) operate the Hollywood Escort Bureau. Ruth was a former escort girl but has worked up way up through the ranks and is now a partner in the business. Ruth's earnings have provided the funds to send her beautiful daughter, June (Margaret Marquis), to the most exclusive schools. June is not aware they her ever-loving mother is engaged in the nefarious business of supplying call-girls to lonely men. June comes home and announces she is engaged to marry Drake Hamilton (Robert Kellard), who is a special investigator for the district attorney. Drake is a good investigator and soon learns that his mother-in-law to be is running an escort bureau. He makes her promise to give up the business and promises not to tell June. But Gregory fears Drake will put an end to his operation. Drake, working undercover, calls the bureau for a date to be sent over so he can get the goods on the bureau. But scheming Gregory, giving her another ...


Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Stars: Asta Nielsen, Greta Garbo, มgnes Eszterhแzy

Vienna in the biggest depression, directly after WW1. In a slum, Lila Leid, the wife of lawyer Leid is murdered, Egon, secretary of one of Leid's clients is arrested. He was with her, and had her necklace, because he needed some money for his own stock exchange deals. The same deal brings poverty to ex-government official Rumfort, his daughter Greta, who also has lost her job, tries to get some money to get food. She rents a room of the flat she, her young sister and her father are living in to an American Red Cross official, who pays $60 rent, but the money is taken by some of her father's creditors. But their neighbour, shop owner Mrs Greifer knows how to "help", she and Mrs. Merkel are running a nightclub with a brothel...


Director: W. Merle Connell

Stars: Dorothy Duke, William Thomason, Timothy Farrell

A happily-married couple having no luck with starting their family finally discover that the husband is sterile. Their family doctor suggests that they think about artificial insemination, which at the time was considered to be quite scandalous.


Director: Sam Newfield

Stars: Billy Curtis, Yvonne Moray, 'Little Billy' Rhodes

An evil gunslinging midget comes to terrorize the good little people of Tiny Town. The townspeople organize to defeat him, and zany antics ensue

- SEX MADNESS – 1938

Director: Dwain Esper

Stars: Vivian McGill, Rose Tapley, Al Rigali

Philanthropist Paul Lorenz is one of the more public faces in the fight against behavior that spreads the many "social diseases", such as syphilis and gonorrhea. An example of such behavior is performing in or attending burlesque shows, which promote casual sex. Indeed, many in the audience at one burlesque show in New York have only sex on their minds, including young unmarried couple James and Jane, office colleagues Peggy and Betty (Peggy is trying to seduce Betty), and Paul Lorenz's own son Tom, who is anticipating an aftershow group-sex party that will include some of the girls from the show, such as Sheila Wayne, who has syphilis but treats it as casually as her sexual encounters. Her fellow showgirl Millicent Hamilton will not be at the party. Millicent was once a small-town girl who was planning to marry her beau, Wendel Hope, until she won a beauty contest. Her prize was a trip to New York, but she found life there more difficult than she expected, and a sexual encounter ...


Director: Elmer Clifton

Stars: Lona Andre, Donald Reed, Wheeler Oakman

Mary Lou manages to escape abduction by a prostitution ring. She tells the Chief of Detectives they were planning to take her to the Berrywood road house, a well-known den of iniquity. Jim Murray and beautician Belle Harris are using her beauty shop to recruit floozies for their road house circuit. Dona Lee, who works at the beauty salon, is falling in love with young reporter wanna-be Phillip, but Murray gets jealous and makes life rough for him. Meanwhile Dona begins to figure out the racket, but becomes threatened by Murray's unwanted advances.


Director: W. Merle Connell

Stars: Joy Reynolds, Geri Moffatt, Marko Perri

A girl visiting her sister in Hollywood hopes for a modeling career, but is tricked by pimps into working at a brothel.


Directors: Dorothy Davenport, Melville Shyer

Stars: Helen Foster, Nell O'Day, Glen Boles

A young girl gets involved with a crowd that smokes marijuana, drinks and has sex. She winds up an alcoholic, pregnant drug addict and is forced to get an abortion.

- DISC 04: OMOO-OMOO – 1949

Director: Leon Leonard

Stars: Ron Randell, Devera Burton, Trevor Bardette

The curse of a shark god follows a group of people who have violated a sacred jungle idol.

- THE SHARK GOD – 1913

Director: John Griffith Wray

Stars: Virginia Brissac, Evelyn Hambly, James Dillon

The young Hawaiian athlete, Keoli, is a leader in the outdoor sports so beloved of the natives. He and his sweetheart, Keala stroll off. They are watched by another who adores Keala. Visitors from a nearby village arrive. One of them is Plilani, a dancer. A dance is held and Plilani fascinates Keoli; she gradually draws him away from his sweetheart. Pliliani makes seductive love to Keoli who loses his head over her fascinations. Kane watches with the girl he thinks so much of. Kane goes to the foolish young fellow and reasons with him, but can make but little impression; poor Keala grieves. Keoli recovers his reason and goes to his love for forgiveness. Pliliani, seeing her power has gone, seeks out the witch doctor, begging him to pray to the Shark God to strangle her rival to death. The old mad does as he is bid and starts to pray the girl to death. She is affected and starts to strangle despite the efforts of her lover. Kane sees her too, and seeks out the dancer and tries to find ...


Director: William A. O'Connor

Stars: William Farnum, Tom Santschi, Patty Lou Lynd

A man's heavy drinking drives away his family and threatens to destroy his relationship with his little daughter.

- MAD YOUTH – 1939

Director: Melville Shyer

Stars: Mary Ainslee, Betty Compson, Willy Castello

A rich society mother hires a male escort, but he falls for her daughter instead. The mother-daughter conflict forces the daughter to run off to stay with a friend who is enslaved by a prostitution ring.


Director: Elmer Clifton

Stars: Martha Chapin, Wheeler Oakman, Bryant Washburn

Mae Miller wants the finer things in life, luxuries that she feels her husband, a doctor, cannot provide for her. She begins to gamble in order to ring in spending money for herself, but winds up deep in debt. To pay her dues, she is reduced to the shame of selling herself.


Director: Sam Newfield

Stars: Lila Leeds, Alan Baxter, Lyle Talbot

A chorus girl's career is ruined and her brother is driven to suicide when she starts smoking marijuana.