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I have a friend who tells me often that his ex-wife drove him to drink . . . for which he is still grateful! This is a British comedy about marriage and fidelity . . . and mothers-in-law and the men they rule over. Major Bone, played by Tom Walls, who also directed the film, is a man with a wife that drove him to drink . . . and he is grateful . . . Maybe I'd better begin at the start . . . Peter Wyckham and his wife Barbara are on the train headed for a weekend in the country, and when Peter gets off the train for a moment to buy a newspaper he runs into an old friend . . . A lady friend . . . who is also going to board the train . . . But no worries, she is married to a Member of Parliament, and he is married to Barbara, waiting for him on the train, and all is well. Suddenly as they are renewing old memories the train leaves them behind. What to do, what to do? Peter decides that he and his old friend the wife of the M.P. will hire a car to drive them to the country so that they can each be reunited with their spouses . . . Nothing could go wrong, right? Well . . . on the way to the country, the hired car breaks down so Barbara's husband and the M.P.'s wife get forced into staying at a small town inn . . . that has only one room available for the couple. Now Peter, stuck in a bedroom for the night with the wife of an M.P. is probably in a big batch of trouble . . . heh . . . there is no 'probably' about it . . . he is in trouble for sure! His mother-in-law, Major Bone's wife, is the poster-woman for mothers-in-law, bringing a chill to the hearts of any man who has the courage to merely look at her. Major Bone, though, loves her dearly . . . as long as he has a good buzz working . . . and fortunately he hasn't a sober moment from the first scene to the last. The comedy comes fast and with great wit as the night passes and by daybreak the in-laws, and the other husband and wife all arrive at the inn to discover the seemingly errant Peter and Marguerite after their night alone in the one bedroom. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

Director: Tom Walls

Stars: Tom Walls, Ralph Lynn, Grace Edwin

85 minutes.