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Today we venture to an isle off the coast of Scotland, the home of my favorite adult beverage. We are much further away than my favorite isle of Islay, in the middle of the raging ocean, where the craggy rocks of Foula still challenge the mighty waves of the sea. When the Roman fleets sailed around Britain they saw this island in the distant blue haze of the misty ocean and named it "Ultima Thule" . . . The Edge of the World. Every great motion picture blends enough truth into the story to make it authentic, and enough fiction to make it exciting to watch, and the writer/director of this story about the rugged people of Scotland brought both to the screen. Most if not all of the 1937 inhabitants of Foula, Scotland appear in this adventure, although I couldn't determine who was who to capture photos of these amazing people . . . if any of the descendants of David of Mucklegrind, or the Ibister family, or any of the other inhabitants can recognize their family, let me know and I'll honor them with a photo from the movie in the photo gallery under the movie. Thanks to the producer and director of this adventure, I will be able to preserve the 1938 citizens of Foula, Scotland for the whole world to discover forevermore . . . Wouldn't it be amazing if there were a motion picture record of YOUR home town from almost a hundred years ago? As our adventure opens we meet the skipper of a yacht, Mr. Graham, who happens to be Michael Powell, the author and director of the movie. With him is actor Niall MacGinnis, playing the part of Andrew Gray, and they are visiting the uninhabited isle of fictional Hirta, where Andrew Gray tells the yachtsman about the island and its people before it was abandoned. We travel back several years as he tells his story . . . and we get to enjoy the lifestyles of this rugged and proud Scottish island community in their struggle for survival against the winds and the waves buffeting the edge of their world, with scenes of the landscape of the island of Foula that will positively take your breath away. Foula is still a thriving island today and I imagine that many of the grandchildren of the islanders in this story are still living there today. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

Directed by Michael Powell

The Actors: John Laurie, Belle Chrystall, Eric Berry.

74 minutes.