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This early talking picture starts out as a movie about the movie business, but quickly turns into a gangster flick. The opening scene is of a movie set where we meet three gals trying to become famous actresses, and the director, who is trying to grind out a scene before the day is over. No one else would have you take a good look at the ‘director’ in the fake movie scene instead of the three leading ladies, but I think he is worth a good look. William Beaudine was a real movie director, although he did not direct this motion picture. He merely acted as the ‘director’ in the scene we are watching being filmed. Records of many of his early works were not kept well, but it is possible that William Beaudine directed more motion pictures and television shows between 1915 and 1966 than any other person ever before or since. In this opening scene he is in front of the camera instead of behind it, and that makes it a very unique and rare scene. Now on to the pre-code story that could never be shown during the 1934-1968 movie censoring years.

Patricia is a movie ‘extra’ who works once in a while but is mostly broke and out of work. She loves Jimmy, an aspiring newspaper reporter for the Hollywood Sun, and he is about to get his big break when East Coast gangster Sleek Moran hits town. Once Jimmy becomes famous as a newspaper man he will be able to take his sweetheart Pat into his arms and they can ‘sit on the moon’ looking down on the world. Thanks to the old lady actress living with Pat, he gets his big break by exposing the gangster’s plans, and Jimmy becomes the city editor and the rising star at the newspaper. But suddenly this gangster flick turns into a destructive romantic triangle when the beautiful and sophisticated young daughter of the newspaper owner decides to make Jimmy her man.

Director: Richard Thorpe

Stars: Marion Shilling, Beryl Mercer, Rex Bell

67 minutes.