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Item# gale-storm-show-oh-susanna---20-dv20

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The episodes included are:

Disc 01 The Italian Movie Actress The Chimpanzee Passenger Incognito Bonnie Lassie

Disc 02 Calling Scotland Yard One, Two, Ski! Volcano Susanna Strikes Oil

Disc 03 One Coin In The Fountain The Phantom Valise A Lass In Alaska For Money Or Love

Disc 04 Aladdin's Lamp The Angel Angela Capri Witch Doctor

Disc 05 Susannah Takes A Husband Taking Ways Case Of The Chinese Puzzle Royal Welcome

Disc 06 Model Apartment Million Dollar Mutt Nicked In Naples Night In Monte Carlo

Disc 07 Love And Kisses You Gotta Have Charm Susanna The Matchmaker Don't Give Up The Ship

Disc 08 How To Catch A Man It's Only Money It's Murder, My Dear How To Make Enemies

Disc 09 Battle Of The Bull Run Alias Susanna Valentine Ride 'Em Cowgirl Gypping The Gypsies

Disc 10 Maid In Sweden Trouble In Trinidad Happily Unmarried Jailmates

Disc 11 Susanna's Baby Clip That Coupon Susanna The Babysitter Hayride Ahoy

Disc 12 Susanna Strikes Back Who Stole That Melody? Action In Acapulco Bamboozled In Bombay

Disc 13 Dutch Treat A Hit In Tahiti Super Snoop The Immigrants

Disc 14 Not So Innocents Abroad Friday The Thirteenth Secret Assignment Heaven Sent

Disc 15 Indian Giver The Parisian Touch The Magician Singapore Fling

Disc 16 Wedding In Majorca Lovey-Dovey A Beautiful Friendship Our Dear Captain

Disc 17 Made In Hong Kong The Ouija Board The Blarney Stone Pat On The Back

Disc 18 Goodbye Doctor The Sweepstakes Ticket The Card Sharp Sing Susanna, Sing

Disc 19 Beat The Band Stop, Thief Susanna Plays Cupid Honolulu Honeymoon

Disc 20 Swiss Miss Girls! Girls! Girls! Show Biz Alp, Alp

80 episodes on a 20 dvd-r set with menus shipped in paper sleeves/no labels or artwork. Quality is 7.5-8 out of 10 episodes are from TV aired recordings.