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Hollywood Cowboy (1937) Directors: Ewing Scott & George Sherman (uncredited)

Cast: George O'Brien ... Jeffery Carson Cecilia Parker ... Joyce Butler Maude Eburne ... Violet Butler Joe Caits ... G. Gatsby ‘Shakespear’ Holmes, Writer Frank Milan ... Westbrook Courtney Charles Middleton ... 'Doc' Kramer Lee Shumway ... Benson Walter De Palma ... Rolfe Metzger, the Pilot Al Hill ... Henchman Camby William Royle ... Klinker Al Herman ... Henchman Steger Frank Hagney ... Gillie Dan Wolheim ... Morey Slim Balch ... Ranch hand Slim Sid Jordan ... Ranch hand Morgan

The big city is clamping down on rackets, gambling and grifting so the gangsters get a plan to run a protection racket on the cattle ranchers of Wyoming, unfortunately for them cowboy actor Jeff Carson has just finished shooting his latest picture and he doesn't plan on leaving until he clears things up for lovely Joyce Butler. 63 minutes

Legion of the Lawless (1940) Director: David Howard

Cast: George O'Brien ... Jeff Toland Virginia Vale ... Ellen Ives Herbert Heywood ... Doctor Denton Norman Willis ... Les Harper Hugh Sothern ... Henry Ives William 'Billy' Benedict ... Eddie Eddy Waller ... Lafe Barton Delmar Watson ... Lafe Barton Jr. Bud Osborne ... Holmes Monte Montague ... Borden Slim Whitaker ... Ben Leighton Mary Field ... Mrs. Barton

Lawyer Jeffrey Toland rides into the frontier town of Ivestown however the original settlers and the vigilante council don’t take kindly to newcomers. Trouble really gets brewing when the rail road plans to come through and there is the chance at getting rich, but only for the people holding the right land! 58 minutes