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Harbor Command is an action-packed television series that follows the exploits of San Francisco Bay's United States Coast Guard Harbor Police, with cases that range from murder and drug trafficking to arson and smuggling. The series starred Wendell Corey as Captain Ralph Baxter, an officer of the United States Coast Guard, who brings to bear the very latest in technological advances in a never-ending battle to outwit a wide variety of criminals. Harbor Command captured all the seething drama of our seaports, and featured memorable performances by some of televisions biggest stars, including Leonard Nimoy, Brian Keith, Peter Marshall and Edmond O Brien.

Some of the special guest stars of this short lived series included: Dick Bernie, Ed Nelson, Steve Mitchell, Dale Van Sickel, Leonard Nimoy, Byron Keith, Larry J. Blake, Maurice Argent, Douglas Henderson, Edward O'Brian, Joyce Meadows, Joe Miksak, Eddie Bartell, Vance Skarstedt, Robert Brubaker, Stewart Whitman, Tony Rock, Leslie Abbott, Craig Duncan, Paul Serra, Lee Rhodes, William Bryant, Ginger Hall, Jack Edwards, Jack Murphy, Peter Marshall, Robert Riordan, Brett Halsey, George Selk, and many more!

The episode list for this five disc set will include: 1. CAMPHOR TUBES - While searching a ship in his harbor, Baxter finds a cache of heroin inside a seaman's locker. 2. MURDER ON PIER 7 - Baxter discovers that a night watchman was murdered by a bale hook, a tool used by thousands of longshoreman who work in the harbor area. 3. BOAT BOMB - Baxter learns that a mad bomber plans to bomb a docked freighter that is carrying a cargo of explosives. 4. THE BAG - Baxter sets out to the high seas in search of a vessel that is carrying a bottle of metallic sodium, a powerful incendiary explosive. 5. FISHERMAN'S LEAGUE - Gangster's establish a protection racket in the harbor. Their victims are fisherman who must pay a fee or suffer grevious bodily harm among other things. 6. FRIGHTENED WITNESS - A gangster begins robbing the freighters which line the harbor area. 7. THE ASSASSIN - Baxter receives a tip that a passenger on an arriving ocean liner is the target of a hired killer. He tries to find the assassin before the gunman can strike. 8. COUNTERFEIT MONEY - After breaking up a dice game and discovering a counterfeit bill, Baxter discovers a counterfeiting ring operation from a sleazy pawn shop. 9. FINAL SCORE - A killer frames a young seaman for his crime and tries to see to it that the lad gets gunned down by Harbor Command bullets. 10. DEAD ON 'B' DECK - When one of a 'trio' of jewel thieves is found murdered on an incoming ocean liner, Baxter and the Harbor Command are called in to solve the case. 11. RANSOM AT SEA - A shipbuilding company has a truckload of machinery disappear and later receives a request from an anonymous phone caller ordering them to dump $100,000 into the sea as ransom. 12. FLOATING TRANSMITTER - Regretfully, no summary for this episode is available at this time. 13. ILLEGAL ENTRY - Baxter investigates the murder of an undercover drug agent who was close to getting the goods on an international narcotics syndicate seeking to gain a foothold in the United States. 14. YACHT CLUB - A yacht club manager, who is also a diabetic, is kidnapped by two men. Can Baxter rescue him before his time runs out? 15. TRAPPED PILINGS - A former dock hand, recently released from prison, begins a one man crime wave of robbery, kidnapping, and murder. 16. HARBOR MISSION - Baxter tries to capture a killer who murdered a boarder in a harbor mission house. 17. GOLD SMUGGLERS - A dental technician and his wife obtain a large quantity of dental gold by means of forgery. They plan to smuggle the metal abroad and sell it at an inflated price but then someone else learns of their scam. 18. CONTRABAND DIAMONDS - A man kills his brother who threatened to expose his diamond smuggling operation. Then he frames an innocent man for the crime. 19. THE BIG HOAX - A Harbor Command officer is stunned when the trail of the leader of an international narcotics syndicate leads to his own father. 20. THE WITNESS - A young Mexican boy witnesses a murder and follows the killer back to his hideout. 21. KILLER ON MY DOORSTEP - An escaped convict blackmails a former cellmate into providing him with shelter and then begins a reign of terror in the harbor. 22. FOUR TO DIE - Two murders occur in the harbor area and the only clues are a rare black pearl found in the hand of both victims. 23. HOSTAGE - Baxter tries to rescue a honeymooning couple being held hostage in their ship's stateroom by a desperate gunman. 24. RENDEZVOUS AT SEA - A woman whose husband has been kidnapped and held at sea is killed when she takes the ransom to the culprits by speedboat. 25. RIGHT TO DIE - An old sea captain, now living in poverty, hires a hood to kill him and make it look like an accident so that his wife can collect on the double indemnity clause in his insurance. 26. DATE WITH ETERNITY - Baxter has trouble with an old sea dog who keeps running out of gas and having to have his boat towed ashore. 27. SUNKEN GOLD - A "treasure" map holds the key to apprehending two killers who are trying to recover two chests of gold bullion. 28. DECOY - Baxter works with the Treasury Department to nab counterfeiters who killed a T-Man on a harbor pier. 29. ARSON - Baxter goes after an arsonist who set off a false alarm that drew the police and fire department away from his real intended target. 30. SHORE PATROL - When the fleet hits town, Baxter and company must make sure that sailors with money in their pockets don't get taken by crooks. 31. SMALLPOX - A fugitive seaman, who fled the country four years ago, gets arrested when he tries to re-enter the country. But he's got smallpox and escapes from custody. 32. GHOST SHIP - A ship drifts into the harbor minus her crew. The only clue is a blood stained deck on the vessel. 33. BUM'S RUSH - A harbor derelict witnesses a murder committed by a couple and finds himself their next target. 34. LOVER'S LANE BANDITS - Two bandits attack a young couple in a lover's lane. The boy is killed and the girl is scared into silence. 35. LOBSTER SMUGGLING - Baxter teams with the State Game and Fishing Commission to but a lobster smuggling ring and solve a murder. 36. CLAY PIGEON - A vengeful ex-convict, whom Baxter once sent to prison, steals a high-powered rifle and vows to kill our hero on sight. 37. THE PSYCHIATRIST - A vengeful ex-con just released from prison heads for the harbor and the psychiatrist who testimony sent him to prison. 38. SANCTUARY - Regretfully, no summary is available at this time for this episode. 39. DESPERATE MEN - Baxter devises an ingenious plan to rescue three hostages from a duo of bandits.