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The Jimmy Stewart Show ~ Complete First Season

Note: The three DVDs included in this set are of excellent quality with crisp picture and clear audio. All 24 season-one episodes are included. Unfortunately, this series only lasted for one season, but you can own it now as this is a rare treat that is not available commercially.

Series Regulars

James Stewart as Prof. James K. "Jim" Howard

Julie Adams as Martha Howard

Jonathan Daly as Peter "P.J." Howard

Ellen Geer as Wendy Howard

John McGiver as Dr. Luther Quince

Kirby Furlong as Jake Howard

Dennis Larson as Teddy Howard

Beloved film legend James Stewart made his much-anticipated, highly-publicized series TV debut in this domestic comedy about the frequently chaotic home and professional lives of a small-town college professor.

The series only lasted for one season. This set includes all 24 episodes that were filmed for season one. While the series was canceled due to poor reviews, the series still holds up today; however, it serves as a fond look back at what we might think were easier/better times. If anything, the show may have been too sweet for viewers to digest. Still, it’s a fun look back at this charming show.


• During filming James Stewart controversially had black actor Hal Williams fired.

• On one program Beulah Bondi portrayed James Stewart's mother. She also played his mother in four other films: It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Of Human Hearts and Vivacious Lady.

• This is the only production in which James Stewart is credited as "Jimmy Stewart". Stewart was usually referred to as "Jimmy" by the media and the general public.

• After each week's show, Mr. Stewart would take a moment before the credits rolled to speak directly to the television audience. He'd conclude his remarks by saying, "And, as always, my family and I wish you peace and love--and laughter."

Year(s): 1971

Runtime: 576m ~ Presented commercial free

Format: 3 DVDs

Country: USA

Language: English

Color: Color