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As our cowboy adventure opens a ranch cow hand is getting ready to start his day with his best friend Rusty . . . his horse. A man rides up to him and shows him the newspaper that tells about a bank robbery in another town and the bank clerk that was killed happens to be the cowhand's brother. Stony faced Jack, played by Addison Randall, declares that he will go after the bank robbing Collins brothers and get his revenge on his brother's death. We then go to a ranch near the town of Payson where someone seems to be rustling cattle and killing off the ranch hands, and the pretty girl who runs the ranch doesn't know what to do. Next we go to the town of Payson, where the stage coach arrives and the Sheriff is told that the Mexicali Kid has robbed the stage. The Sheriff and posse ride after the stage coach robbing Mexicali Kid and chase him into the nearby desert, where he will surely die. Just as the Mexicali Kid drops to the ground under the hot summer sun, along comes the cowhand on his search for the bank robbing Collins brothers, and saves the Mexicali Kid and the two become fast friends. They travel on to Payson, where the Mexicali Kid was headed when he robbed the Payson stage and stole a horse. The cowhand meets the only pretty girl in the story . . . Ever notice that most cowboy towns and ranches have a room full of manly cowboys but only one pretty young girl? . . . . I'm sure glad that I wasn't a cowboy in the old west . . . . Anyway . . . . We quickly figure out that our cowhand in search of the Collins brothers will walk into the sunset at the end of the story with the pretty girl, while the rest of the cowboys in the story will snuggle up to their horse at night. So anyway, it turns out that the fellow running the pretty girl's ranch has hired the Collins brothers to steal her cattle and kill off her ranch hands one by one. This bad fellow has also sent for the Mexicali Kid to help grab the ranch from the pretty girl, so now our hero ranch hand and his buddy the Mexicali Kid are right in the middle of the conspiracy, and perfectly positioned to both save the ranch for the pretty girl and get revenge on the Collins brothers. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

Director: Wallace Fox

Stars: Jack Randall, Rusty the Horse, Wesley Barry

51 minutes.