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THE MILLIONAIRE 31 DVD .. Apparently inspired by the '30s film "If I Had A Million", this was one of the better TV offerings of the Fabulous Fifties. A mysterious (and obviously eccentric) billionaire, John Beresford Tipton would, each week, write out a check for one million dollars and instruct his manservant Michael Anthony (aka Marvin Miller) to deliver it to its recipient, a total stranger, along with instructions that the lucky individual must never reveal it's source or its exact amount on pain of forfeiture. The scripts were, for the most part, literate and engrossing. In fact, it was reported at the time that some viewers found the premise so convincing that they actually wrote their local TV stations pleading to know where the reclusive Mr. Tipton lived so they could, hopefully, get a similar check. Of course, there were also viewers who actually thought "Mr. Ed" could really talk, but we digress. . . This show was, as already mentioned, one of the better shows back then (as evinced by it's 5 year run).

Disc 1 - Nancy Marlborough Story S1 EP 8 Crystal Sands Story S3 EP 30 Margaret Sheeler Story S3 EP 31 Virginia Lennart Story S3 EP 6

Disc 2 - Betty Jane Ryan Story S1 EP 9 Harvey Borden Story S3 EP 12 Amberson Adams Story S3 EP 23 Jerry Bell Story S3 EP 25

Disc 3 - Joe Seaton Story S2 EP 3 Fred Graham Story S3 EP 5 Dr. Alan March Story S3 EP 29 Fred Morgan Story S5 EP 3 Timothy Mackail Story S6 EP 15 Martha Halloran Story S5 EP 36

Disc 4 - Charles Wyatt Story S3 EP 21 Anton Bohrman Story S3 EP 20 Russell Herbert Story S3 EP 19 Jimmy Reilly Story S3 EP 27

Disc 5 - Phillip Sargent Story S2 EP 14 Cobb Marley Story S1 EP 22 Michael Holm Story S4 EP 20 Paul Naylor Story S4 EP 34 Anne Loomis Griffin Story S5 EP 30

Disc 6 - Martin Scott Story S5 EP 6 Newman Johnson Story S5 EP 11 Jeff Mercer Story S6 EP 8 Elizabeth Tander Story S6 EP 16

Disc 7 - Tom Meade Story S2 EP 28 Father Gilhooley Story S5 EP 22 David Tremayne Story S3 EP 9 Mildred Kester Story S3 EP 15 Jay Powers Story S3 EP 11 Hank Butler Story S5 EP 23

Disc 8 - Lucky Swanson Story S2 EP 29 Ken Leighton Story S5 EP 4 Regina Wainwright Story S4 EP 14 Frank Harrigan Story S5 EP 13

Disc 9 - Jane Costello Story S2 EP 30 Story of Sally Delaney S2 EP 21 Emily Baker Story S5 EP 20 Betty Perkins Story S3 EP 16

Disc 10 - Joey Diamond Story S3 EP 8 Joe Iris Story S1 EP 3 Dan Mulcahey Story S1 EP 4 Jane Carr Story S3 EP 2

Disc 11 - Jay Powers Story Repeat Jerome Wilson Story S2 EP 8 Iris Millar Story S2 EP 4 Angela Temple Story S5 EP 25

Disc 12 - Jim Driscoll Story S3 EP 22 Nick Cannon Story S3 EP 17 Story of Steve Logan S4 EP 10 Judge William Westholme Story S3 EP 24 Hub Grines Story S3 EP 33

Disc 13 - Josf Martin Story S3 EP 35 Andrew Sterling Story S4 EP 31 Harvey Blake Story S1 EP 7 Luke Fortune Story S1 EP 15

Disc 14 - Ted McAlister Story S3 EP 36 Larry Parker Story S4 EP 6 Waldo Francis Turner Story S3 EP 10 Salvatore Michelangelo Buonarotti Story S3 EP 14

Disc 15 - Matthew Kirby Story S4 EP 1 Marjorie Martinson Story S4 EP 16 Barbara Lydon Story S4 EP 13

Disc 16 - Story of Steve Logan Repeat Doris Winslow Story S4 EP 19 Peter Marlow Story S4 EP 2 Christopher Daniels Story S3 EP 34

Disc 17 - David Barrett Story S5 EP 5 Gilbert Burton Story S5 EP 32 Uncle Robby Story S1 EP 19 Dan Larson Story S3 EP 37

Disc 18 - Betty Hawley Story S5 EP 1 Tony Drummond Story S4 EP 28 Jean Griffith Story S2 EP 18 Carol Wesley Story S2 EP 32

Disc 19 - John Rackham Story S5 EP 21 Pete Hopper Story S5 EP 14 Ellen Curry Story S5 EP 7 Emily Short Story S1 EP 5

Disc 20 - Anne Loomis Griffin Story Repeat Jack Garrison Story S4 EP 33 Eric Vincent Story S2 EP 26 Katherine Munson Story S3 EP 1

Disc 21 - Mark Fleming Story S6 EP 1 Wally Bannister Story S4 EP 32 Norman Conover Story S5 EP 2 Susan Birchard Story S4 EP 27

Disc 22 - Harry Emerson Brown Story S6 EP 2 Peter Bartley Story S4 EP 17 Lorraine Daggett Story S6 EP 3 Andrew C. Cooley Story S6 EP 12

Disc 23 - Harry Emerson Brown Story Repeat Jane Carr Story Repeat William Vaughan Story S5 EP 8 Charles Bradwell Story S5 EP 37

Disc 24 - Phillip Burnell Story S6 EP 4 Dixon Cooper Story S6 EP 32 Nancy Wellington Story S3 EP 18 Roy Delbridge Story S4 EP 3

Disc 25 - Mitchell Gunther Story S6 EP 11 Sylvia Whitfield Merrick Story S6 EP 17 Whitney Ames Story S6 EP 18 Margaret Stoneham Story S6 EP 20

Disc 26 - Jerry Mitchell Story S6 EP 21 Julie Sherman Story S6 EP 26 Katherine Boland Story S6 EP 30 Peter Longman Story S6 EP 34

Disc 27 - Sandy Newell Story S6 EP 22 Amy Moore Story S1 EP 1 Ruth Ferris Story S4 EP 7 Russ White Story S4 EP 35

Disc 28 - Sandy Newell Story Repeat Jim Hayes Story S6 EP 6 Valerie Hunt Story S3 EP 13 Margaret Dalton Story S6 EP 35 Rip Matson Story S2 EP 24 Maureen Reynolds Story S6 EP 7

Disc 29 - Karen Summers Story S6 EP 24 Lee Randolph Story S5 EP 12 Dan Howell Story S5 EP 10 Louise Benson Story S5 EP 35

Disc 30 - Susan Johnson Story S6 EP 28 Katherine Boland Story Repeat Peter Longman Story Repeat Whitney Ames Story Repeat Jerry Mitchell Story Repeat