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MR D.A. - (1951) - 4 RARE EPISODES IN DVD!

MR D.A. - (1951) - 4 RARE EPISODES IN DVD!
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ABC at Monday 8:00 PM (30 min.)

Premiered: October 1, 1951 Last Aired: June 23, 1952

Mr. District Attorney was based on a popular radio crime show of the 1940s. It was often based on real headlines. The lead character was based on a real and famous District Attorney Thomas E. Dewey. The leads on the TV program were the same as on the radio program. Jay Jostyn starred as the restless DA, Len Doyle was an ex-cop who was his investigator, and Vicki Vola was his secretary. Many episodes written by Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek)


# EPISODE 1 Fire Insurance 2 Hit And Run 3 Numbers 4 Man On The Edge


These episodes are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and are direct transfer from the original films. This does not mean the episodes are pristine, just that they are complete and as originally broadcast in 1950s. The quality varies episode to episode due to the age and condition of the original films.

This DVD collection comes in a hardshell plastic cases with series description and artwork. All DVDs are recorded from original film prints, NOT recorded off broadcast TV. These are custom made DVDs, not available commercially.

All DVDs come with menus with episode titles for easy episode access