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OUTLAWS Thursday 7:30 PM (60 min.) September 29, 1960 Thru: May 10, 1962

Outlaws, debuting on September 29, 1960, was a unique Western in that the stories were told with a dark edge from the point of view of the criminal. The audience was given the rare opportunity to see how the outlaws thought, how and why they plotted their crime, and their perspective on being caught. The show was also more historically accurate than most Westerns of the time, featuring actual outlaws such as The Dalton Gang, Bill Doolin, and Sam Bass.

The first season of Outlaws starred Barton McLane as Chief United States Marshal Frank Caine, Don Collier as Deputy Marshal Will Foreman, and Jock Gaynor as Will's nephew, Deputy Marshall Heck Martin. Deputy Martin disappered after the 9th episode (with no explanation) and Will's new partner was Deputy Steve Corbie, played by Wynn Pearce.

The second season of Outlaws brought many changes. The stories were now like other Westerns; told from the the point of view of the Marshal. The setting moved from Guthrie, Oklahoma to Stillwater. Marshal Frank Caine was gone, Will Forman was promoted to Marshal and his deputy was Chalk Breeson, played by Bruce Yarnell. Two other characters joined the cast; the cafe owner Connie Masters (Judy Lewis) and Slim (Slim Pickens), who assisted the lawmen when he wasn't getting into trouble.

HERE ARE ALL 50 HOUR LONG EPISODES IN ON 24 DVDs =============================================== Here is the list of episodes - Set comes in Broadcast Order.

No. Episode Title 1 Thirty A Month 2 Ballad for a Badman 3 Beat the Drum Slowly 4 Rape of Red Sky 5 Shorty 6 Last Chance 7 Starfall (pt 1) 8 Starfall (pt 2) 9 The Fortune Stone 10 The Quiet Killer 11 The Waiting Game 12 The Daltons Must Die (pt 1) 13 The Daltons Must Die (pt 2) 14 Assassin 15 Cully 16 The Bill Doolin Story 17 The Bell 18 No More Pencils, No More Books 19 Blind Spot 20 Outrage at Pawnee Bend 21 The Avenger 22 The Sooner 23 Sam Bass 24 The Brothers 25 The Little Colonel 26 Return to New March 27 Chalk's Lot 28 The Connie Masters Story 29 My Friend the Horse Thief 30 The Cut Ups 31 The Night Riders 32 The Braithwaite Brothers 33 Walk Tall 34 Roly 35 No Luck on Friday 36 The Outlaw Marshal 37 The Masterpiece 38 The Verdict 39 The Dark Sunrise of Griff Kincaid 40 The Bitter Swede 41 Buck Breeson Rides Again 42 A Bit of Glory 43 Horse of a Similar Color 44 The Sisters 45 A Day to Kill 46 No More Horses 47 Ride the Man Down 48 Farewell Performance 49 Charge! 50 All in a Day's Work

This is a 24 DVD collection. All DVDs come with a menu with episode titles for easy episode access.