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PASSION - 3/2/13 - Off-Broadway - Judy Kuhn (Fosca), Melissa Errico (Clara), DVD

PASSION - 3/2/13  - Off-Broadway - Judy Kuhn (Fosca), Melissa Errico (Clara),  DVD
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PASSION - 3/2/13 ~ Off-Broadway Judy Kuhn (Fosca), Melissa Errico (Clara), Ryan Silverman (Giorgio), Stephen Bogardus (Colonel Ricci), Jeffry Denman (Lieutenant Torasso), Orville Mendoza (Sergeant Lombardi). Produced by the Classic Stage Company. Beautifully filmed with a High-Definition camcorder. Recorded early in the show’s run with the complete original cast. (Melissa Errico came down with bronchitis, and had to leave the show-her understudy Amy Justman assumed the role of Clara for the majority of the run. Melissa remained on vocal rest when it came time to record the cast album, so Rebecca Luker is heard on the recording).


Adapted from the film Passione d'Amore and set in 19th century Italy, Passion follows handsome soldier Giorgio, who becomes the object of obsessive love from Fosca, his colonel's chronically ill, bedridden cousin. The story unfolds as Giorgio sends and receives letters from his mistress, Clara.

What Is Passion Like? Passion is a Sondheim classic that deals with the many intricacies of love, from unrequited to obsessive to unconditional. Love letters feature prominently in the musical, which is set in 1863 Italy.