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PEPSI-COLA PLAYHOUSE (30 min.) October 2, 1953 thru June 26, 1955

The Pepsi Cola Playhouse was a half-hour dramatic anthology series hosted by Arlene Dahl and Anita Colby in its first season, then in its second season by Polly Bergen.

============================================================= HERE ARE 5 RARE EPISODES INCLUDED IN THIS COLLECTION =============================================================

THE FROZEN ESCAPE First aired: 11/27/1953 Jeff goes to visit his friend and fellow Alaskan prospector Arthur, who's just struck gold. Jeff returns to tell his wife that he found Arthur murdered and wants to leave the valley before authorities try to pin the crime on him. Because of a blizzard, they're forced to stay in the cabin of blind Tom, who plays the two against each other. Starring DeForest Kelley

THE QUIET WIFE First aired: 2/27/1955 A wife's refusal to meet new people and make friends confounds her husband. He knows nothing of the double life she's leading. Starring Archie Robbins and Tina Carver

ACCOUNT CLOSED First aired: 1/15/1954 A murderer and his fiance both have jobs at a bank they plan to rob. The woman is caught off-guard on the night of the heist when her intended tries to kill her. Starring George Nader & Carolyn Jones

RAGGED STRANGER First aired: 10/30/1953 Larry Doyle is caught stealing a loaf of bread by one Neil Armstrong. Armstrong talks him into staging a fake hold up of his wife, allowing Armstrong to "fight" off the robber and appear the hero. When the staged hold-up ends up as a murder, Dolyle realizes he's been played for a fool and been framed.

Starring Joanne Davis & Hayden Roarke

PASSAGE HOME First aired: 4/3/1955 A steamship captain robs his passengers and dumps them onto a deserted island

Starring John Douchette, Jean Howell and Brian Keith

========================================================== These episodes are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and are direct transfer from the original films. This does not mean the episodes are pristine, just that they are complete and as originally broadcast in 1955. The quality varies episode to episode due to the age and condition of the original films.

All episodes originally were recorded from original film prints to VHS then to DVD as each media became available, NOT recorded off broadcast TV. These are custom made DVDs, not available commercially.