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January 30, 1960 thru October 22, 1960

"This is the world of Interpol: the International Police Organisation, a network uniting 63 countries against crime… and this is a story of the Man from Interpol. Crime is international, but so is the law. In constant touch with all the police forces of the world is the Man from Interpol."

The show starred Richard Wyler as Inspector Anthony Smith, an officer from Interpol on assignment to Scotland Yard. The series enjoyed a first run on NBC in 1960, and was broadcast by Associated-Rediffusion (the Independent Television London weekday franchise) between August 1960 and July 1961

HERE ARE THE 28 of the 39 EPISODES AIRED! No. Episode Air Date 1 Nest of Vipers 1/30/1960 2 Soul Pedlars 2/13/1960 3 Odds on Murder 2/20/1960 4 Escape Route 3/5/1960 5 Love by Extortion 3/12/1960 6 No Other Way 3/19/1960 7 All the Dead Were Harrisons 4/9/1960 8 The Man Who Sold Hope 4/16/1960 9 The Murder Racket 4/23/1960 10 Death via Parcel Post 4/30/1960 11 The Case of Mike Krello 5/14/1960 12 Killer with a Long Arm 5/21/1960 13 The Front Man 6/4/1960 14 The Last Words 6/11/1960 15 The Maharajah of Den 6/18/1960 16 Murder Below Deck 6/25/1960 17 Diplomatic Courier 7/2/1960 18 International Diamond Incident 7/16/1960 19 Inside Job 7/23/1960 20 A Woman in Paris 7/30/1960 21 Man Alone 8/6/1960 22 Mistaken Identity 8/13/1960 23 The Big Thirst 9/3/1960 24 Death in Oils 9/3/1960 25 Multi-Murder 9/17/1960 26 The Child of Eve 10/8/1960 27 The Big Racket 10/15/1960 28 The Golden Shirri 10/22/1960

========================================================== THIS COLLECTION COMES ON 7 DVDs

All DVDs are recorded at the SP speed for the best possible quality.

All DVDs have a menu with episode titles for easy episode access

=========================================================== Most episodes in this collection are direct transfer from the original films (quality varies due to the age and condition of the original films). The titles given are based on the plot of the episode and do not match the exact name of the episode as aired.

These episodes are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and many were transferred from the original films. This does not mean the episodes are pristine, just that they are complete and as originally broadcast in 1960. The quality varies episode to episode due to the age and condition of the original films.

This 7 DVD collection comes in a hardshell plastic case with series description and artwork. These are custom made DVDs, not available commercially.

All DVDs come with menus with episode titles for easy episode access