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Stormy Trails (1936) Director: Sam Newfield

Cast: Rex Bell ... Tom Storm Bob Terry ... Billy Storm Lois Wilde ... Connie Curlew Lane Chandler ... Foreman Dunn Earl Dwire ... Steve Barick Lloyd Ingraham ... Dad Curlew Karl Hackett ... Henchman Max Durante Earle Ross ... T.J. Thurman Murdock MacQuarrie ... Sheriff Jimmy Aubrey ... Henchman Shives Roger Williams ... Mike Daniels

Before Tom Storm can get an extension on his loan to keep his family ranch, the bank is robbed! Tom shoots and kills one of the robbers, but it turns out he and the man had a history. Suddenly he is suspected of being an accomplice and committing cold-blooded murder. Things get even worse for Tom when he begins to suspect Billy, his younger brother, may have been involved in the robbery. 59 minutes.

The Tonto Kid (1934) Director: Harry L. Fraser

Cast: Rex Bell ... 'Skeets" Slawson aka The Tonto Kid Ruth Mix ... Nancy Cahill Buzz Barton ... Wesley Fritch Theodore Lorch ... Lawyer Sam Creech Joseph W. Girard ... Rance Cartwright (as Joseph Gerard) Barbara Roberts ... Edna May Cartwright Jack Rockwell ... Deputy Sheriff Hack Baker Murdock MacQuarrie ... 'Pop' Slawson (as Murdock McQuarrie) Bert Lindley ... Tom Quillan - Diamond D Foreman Jane Keckley ... Mrs. Fritch, Wesley's Mother Stella Adams ... Landlady

Old-man Cartwright runs the Diamond-D Ranch, a tough outfit that fired a young rascal known as the Tonto Kid. Now Cartwright wants the Tonto Kid to track down his only living relative, a grand-daughter he has never met so that he can leave her his ranch. However the Tonto Kid is too elusive for Cartwright's men, so the task falls to the opportunist lawyer Samuel Creech.