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Mary is the Mattress Princess. Her grandfather owns the biggest mattress factory in Rosedale and Mary spends her days playing with her idle rich friends, moving from party to party. Unlike most of her friends, Mary isnít enjoying the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Mary wants to leave the party scene, find a good husband, and settle down with a peaceful family lifestyle. Gramps thinks that this is a great idea, and asks her which of the boys she parties with will become the lucky husband. Mary thinks a moment, and slowly tells Gramps that she believes that her current boyfriends are after the wealth that they will have if they wed the mattress princess, and she wants a husband that loves her only for herself.

The only way that Mary can be sure of the love of her husband is if he has no idea that she is so very wealthy. Gramps agrees, and so small-town Mary packs a suitcase with a few clothes and heads to the big city of Chicago, where she will blend in with so many strangers that no one will ever have an idea of her wealth or position.

Mary shares a small apartment with another girl, and the other girl is a saleslady at a large Chicago department store. Mary knows everything there is to know about mattresses, and quickly gets a job in the mattress and bedding section of the department store.

On her first day, brash and confident salesman Bob Spencer, played by Weldon Heyburn, flirts with her and soon becomes obsessed with being around this girl from a small town who isnít knocked off her feet by his advances. This leads to that, and they get married.

Bob insists that Mary quit her job, because the man does all the wage earning. The only thing Bob hates worse than a working wife is a wealthy wife, who pays for her manís existence. Bob could never, ever, ever permit that. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

Director: Arthur Greville Collins

Stars: Anne Nagel, Weldon Heyburn, Harry Davenport

65 minutes.