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This story about four beautiful young people in Los Angeles features four amazing actors in a tale of love, competition, jealousy, revenge, blackmail and murder. Buster Crabbe plays Bill Cutler, a young fellow who owns a drive in restaurant. Bill has a girlfriend, Clara Berry, played by the gorgeous Sally Blane. One night young blonde Sally Bates (played by Isabel Jewell) stops at Bill's restaurant tired, almost broke, and very hungry. Bill is an affable fellow and when he learns that she is broke and has no place to stay, he invites her to stay with him and his mom. Bill starts to fall for Sally, but mom wants Bill to marry wealthy Clara Berry, so mom warns Sally to stay away from her boy so that he won't dump Clara for Sally. Got it so far? Okay, now we start to complicate things a bit.

Wealthy Clara Berry has a playboy brother Jack, played by famous actor Regis Toomey. Jack spots Sally and wants to date her, but Sally likes Bill, so she pushes Jack away. But now when Bill wants to see Sally, Sally remembers mom's warning, and so Sally decides to date Jack so that Bill won't chase her anymore and stay with Clara. Sally is obviously in love with Bill though, and is very hurt that she cannot have him, thanks to mom warning her away. So things come to a head when Bill and Clara go nightclubbing at the same place that Jack and Sally go to, and the poop hits the fan. Clara and Sally have a cat-fight that brings the whole club to its feet in excitement. Sally and Bill leave and go on to a night of drinking and gambling, and wind up getting married and spending the night in a hotel. The next morning Bill finds them, and in a struggle with Jack, accidentally kills him.

So now we have a fine mess. Jack is dead, Bill has murdered him, and Clara and Sally, who both wanted Bill, may both wind up without him. What could be worse? How about if the man who knows about the marriage of Jack and Sally tries to blackmail Sally, and poor Sally must get the blackmail money from wealthy Clara? Wow, this is getting complicated! I hope by this point in the movie you still have some hot buttered white kernel popcorn left, because there is more to come, in this romantic drama about two girls after the same fellow.

Director: Ralph Ceder

Stars: Buster Crabbe, Isabel Jewell, Sally Blane