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Are you ready for the big game? Professional football between St. Louis and Cincinnati, with college star Jim Warren helping the team win their first game of the season . . . But before the big game we must meet the team owner, and his girlfriend St. Louis Lou, the Missouri Nightingale. Nightclub owner and gangster Harry Crandall owns the St. Louis professional football team, and he would like to hire college hot-shot football star Jim Warren, but Jim is studying to become a doctor like his papa and he isn't interested in the big bucks of pro football. Ahhh . . . but his lofty goal to become a doctor is shattered when he falls for the gangster’s girl, the Missouri Nightingale Lou. This leads to that and Jim is kicked out of college, and daddy cannot get him into any other college. Jim is an independent cuss, and he leaves his dad and mom in small town Missouri and heads back to St. Louis to become a professional football player. Unfortunately the gangster team owner doesn't want any part of him now and he winds up on a Great Depression soup line where blonde songstress St. Louis Lou finds him and takes an interest in him. She tries to convince her gangster boyfriend to put Jim on the football team, but her gangster boyfriend/team owner sees that she has a soft spot for Jim, so the deal is off. When her gangster boyfriend is finally convinced to give Jim a shot, the owner reluctantly hires him to play football but tells the coach and other players to make sure Jim gets beat up real good in the game. From here on out this is a football thriller, with star player Jim Warren and his two girls . . . his college sweetheart and St. Louis Lou . . . So we have two girls fighting over him, and a team owner that would rather see him dead than successful, and a papa back home that would like to see him become a doctor. There will be football, love and even murder ahead for this cast of players. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show.

Director: Albert Ray

Stars: Jeanette Loff, Johnny Mack Brown, Earle Foxe

68 minutes.