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"A pinnacle of the Golden Age of Television, "Studio One" presented a wide range of memorable dramas and received 18-Emmy nominations and five wins during its prestigious nine-year-run on CBS. Showcasing some of the greatest talents of the era, this groundbreaking series created an enormous impact and still remains a treasured part of America's broadcasting history.

Embracing the work of some of television's most iconic writers, directors, actors and technical artists, the Studio One Anthology features the complete 1954 original television production of "Twelve Angry Men" and is highlighted by early performances by Charlton Heston, Art Carney, Jack Lemmon and Leslie Nielsen as well as teleplays written by Rod Serling and Gore Vidal. Also included as part of this 6-DVD release are all the original Westinghouse commercials as well as extensive archival interviews and other rare bonus materials.

INCLUDES 17 RESTORED ""STUDIO ONE"" DRAMAS: "1984" (original broadcast: September 21, 1953) "An Almanac of Liberty" (original broadcast: November 8, 1954) "The Arena" (original broadcast: April 8, 1956) "Confessions of a Nervous Man" (original broadcast: November 30, 1953) "Dark Possession" (original broadcast: February 15, 1954) "The Death and Life of Larry Benson" (original broadcast: May 31, 1954) "Dino" (original broadcast: January 2, 1956) "Julius Caesar" (original broadcast: August 1, 1955) "June Moon" (original broadcast: June 22, 1949) "The Medium" (original broadcast: December 12, 1948) "Pontius Pilate" (original broadcast: April 7, 1952) "The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners" (original broadcast: January 11, 1954) "The Storm" (original broadcast: October 17, 1949) "The Strike" (original broadcast: June 7, 1954) "Summer Pavilion" (original broadcast: May 2, 1955) "Twelve Angry Men" (original broadcast: September 26, 1954) "Wuthering Heights" (original broadcast: October 30, 1950)

Featuring Rare Performances From: Eddie Albert, Art Carney, Robert Cummings, Norman Fell, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Lorne Greene, Charlton Heston, Marsha Hunt, Jack Lemmon, Sal Mineo, Elizabeth Montgomery, Leslie Nielsen, Barbara O'Neil, Lee Remick, Eva Marie Saint

EXCLUSIVE BONUS FEATURES: -The Paley Center for Media's "Studio One Seminar" -Excerpted interview with director Paul Nickell from The Paley Center for Media's "Studio One Video History" -Voices from the Archive: Studio One-related footage from the Archive of America Television -Studio One historical overview and rediscovery featurette

ALSO INCLUDES: 52-page book featuring written contributions by Gore Vidal, the Archive of American Television and Larry James Gianakos (author of Television Drama Series Programming: A Comprehensive Chronicle)"