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The Utah Trail (1938) Directed by Albert Herman

Cast: Tex Ritter ... Tex Stewart, posing as the Pecos Kid White Flash ... Tex's Horse Horace Murphy ... Ananias 'Snub' Pollard ... Pee Wee Pamela Blake ... Sally Jeffers Karl Hackett ... Hiram Slaughter Charles King ... Henchman Badger Ed Cassidy ... Sheriff Clayton Dave O'Brien ... Mason - Bookkeeper

also Bud Osborne - Lynton Brent - Rudy Sooter The Texas Tornadoes - Victor Adamson - Ed Carey Horace B. Carpenter - Oscar Gahan - Herman Hack Chick Hannon - Reed Howes - Harley Luse Johnny Luther - Cactus Mack - Carl Mathews Dick Morehead - Lew Morphy - George Morrell Tex Palmer - Fred Parker - Norman Phelps Tex Phelps - Willie Phelps - Bud Pope James Sheridan - Wally West

Tex and his sidekicks arrive to help out his friend Jeffers, a railroad owner, only to find that he has been killed. They quickly run into trouble with an outlaw gang in their attempt to find the mysterious ghost train that supposedly runs on Jeffer’s line.

57 Minutes

Enemy of the Law (1945) Directed by Harry L. Fraser

Cast: Tex Ritter ... Tex Haines Dave O'Brien ... Dave Wyatt Guy Wilkerson ... Panhandle Perkins Kay Hughes ... Ruby Lawson Jack Ingram ... Steve Martin, Saloon Owner Charles King ... Wild Charlie Gray Frank Ellis ... Henchman Red Kermit Maynard ... Henchman Mike Henry Hall ... Sheriff Ed Cassidy ... Texas Ranger Captain Ben Corbett ... The Tramp Jack Evans ... Barfly Karl Hackett ... Dr. Carey

To get the money hidden by Gray before he was caught, the Rangers send Perkins to prison to become his friend. When the two get out, Perkins is unaware that Gray has printed the map to the loot on the bottom of his foot.