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Martha Virginia Wing took her stage name from a horse named Toby, and she tried mightily to have a stellar screen career . . . . But her name is probably not as familiar to you as other movie stars during the first decades of motion pictures. Toby Wing was more than a pretty face, in the pre-code days of Hollywood she was famous for her few seconds on screen dressed in next to nothing and giving out a sexy squeal and smile as the camera panned by her. She was one of the original Goldwyn Girls, touted as the girl with a face like the morning sun. Off screen she was famous for her boyfriends . . . . I think that she possibly never met a man she didn't want . . . . And it seems that all the men wanted her also. Any time she was seen in a nightclub or restaurant she was surrounded by men clamoring for her attention. Her known suitors included Franklin Roosevelt Jr., Maurice Chevalier, band leader Pinky Tomlin and one of the famous Vanderbilt men. One of her boyfriends was a famous Toronto, Canada playboy who financed this story that gave her a rare starring role. A year after this movie was made one of her boyfriends was an Army pilot who was killed in an accident, and she was so heart-broken that she determined never to fall in love again . . . . Now, you need to understand that she didn't swear off of having as many boyfriends . . . . She just didn't want to fall in love again. Many have said that promises are made to be broken, and Toby Wing broke that promise when she met famous Eastern Airlines pilot Dick Merrill. They got married and she spent the next 44 years with this one man, even becoming a Sunday School teacher in their local Episcopal church. But in this rare starring role for the precocious brunette turned blonde you can see her sunshine face and perky acting talents at their best. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: Toby Wing, Kenne Duncan, Wheeler Oakman

62 Minutes.