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Today we go to the 1938 Cumbrias region of North West England where the sheep farmers value their sheep dog even more than their women. Like most small communities there is an old codger who is the black sheep of the area, a man who has no respect for anyone in town, and they dislike him even more. Like most small communities with a town 'character' they live in relative peace . . . except for the occasional bar fights and shotgun blasts. Scottish character comedian Will Fyffe plays the part of Adam McAdam, a man who likes his Scotch whiskey, his black dog 'Black Wull' and not much else. He despises all of his neighbors, and they return the feelings to him. Ahhh, and the worst part of it is that the most beautiful young lady in the area happens to be his daughter Jeannie, played by Margaret Lockwood. Enter new neighbor David Moore, an expert sheep man with his champion sheep dog Owd Bob. The new neighbor quickly learns about his angry neighbor and he tries to be friends with him. When he tells pretty daughter Jeannie that he wants to make peace with McAdam she responds, 'Aye, pigs might fly!' Thanks to near genius script writing all but the most jaded critics will quickly fall in love with this ornery old codger, but there are good reasons to distrust him and dislike him at the same time. It seems that his dog Wull is suspected of attacking other sheep dogs and killing sheep from other flocks, and all of his neighbors want his dog put down. But the new neighbor David Moore still tries to be fair and neighborly to the old codger, and he also falls for the pretty daughter Jeannie. Now, in the sheep country of North West England in 1938 a man's sheep dog is his most valuable asset, and good men will come to anger and violence over their dog. Yes, real anger and real violence. Now you know the personalities of the people in this heartwarming adventure, and I won't spill a bit of the story line. Just know that you are about to enter a roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings as you join the small community of sheep farmers and their dogs. If you are anything like me, you will laugh, love and cry your way to the amazing ending. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show.

Director: Robert Stevenson

Stars: Will Fyffe, John Loder, Margaret Lockwood

78 minutes.