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Good to excellent averaging 8 in quality. A true collectors dream set.


ALARM... Starring Richard Arlen, Chick Chandler, Dick Simmons. When a serial arsonist strikes in a residential neighborhood, Captain London and his assistant, McCuen, are detailed to prevent more blazes and apprehend the perpetrator. Their attention initially focuses on an unhappy mailman whose wife died in a similar fire the preceding year until London stumbles upon a clue that links the arsons;

ALARM... Starring John Hoyt, Dorothy Green John Hubbard and hosted by Fred Waring; stories of firemen in action. Boston, Massachusetts firefighters race to the rescue when the famous Coconut Grove, a nightclub overcrowded with wartime merrymakers, catches fire. While the dining area and dance floor are engulfed in flames, a stage actor celebrating his successful comeback tries to break through a small window so guests can flee through the rear of the building; THE BIG EASY... Starring William Devane;

DISC 2...

THE HEART OF HONOLULU... Starring Warren Stevens;

STEEL COLLAR MAN... Starring Charles Rocket, Hoyt Axton, Dorian Lopinto; An android soldier and it's creator are on the run from the government (which it was created for and wants to destroy it), and find help from a truck driver with whom they help people;

MR. TERRIFIC... Starring Alan Young, Stephen Strimpell, Richard Gautier and Paul Smith; Stanley Beamish, the weakling proprietor of a Washington gas station, is also a top-secret super agent. When the Government's Bureau of Special Projects needs Stanley, he takes a pill that gives him an hour's worth of strength, courage and flying time;

DISC 3...

WESTERN UNION... Starring Richard Anderson;

TAGTEAM... Starring Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper and Phill Lewis; Tricky Rick MacDonald and Billy The Body Youngblood are two of the best wrestlers in the country. They are told to take a dive by the wife of a promoter. If they don't, she will make sure they are blackballed from wrestling. When they don't do what she says, they are fired immediately. They try many jobs without any success. When they stop a grocery store robbery, they get the idea to be cops. So begins a new chapter in the life of this tag team. Bad guys, watch out!!!;

WHERE'S POPPA?... (1979) Starring Elsa Lancaster (original Bride Of Frankenstein), Steven Keats, Allan Miller, Judith-Marie Bergan; directed by Richard Benjamin;

DISC 4...

333 MONTGOMERY STREET... Starring DeForest Kelley, Tol Avery, Joanna Barnes & Joanne Davis; Though it was not acknowledged in the screen credits, Jacob W. Erhlich's novel "Never Plead Guilty" was the source material for this pilot. Writer: Gene Roddenberry;

SIMON LASH... Starring Jock Mahoney; CHICAGO 2-1-2... Starring Frank Lovejoy, Roy Thinnes & Curley Bradley; A Chicago fire investigator attempts to apprehend the arsonist who has set a series of blazes in run-down buildings near the river. He suspects that the perpetrator might be part of the throng of onlookers that gawk at the firefighters battling the blazes. When a deaf woman is seriously injured in one of the torched buildings, the inspector redoubles his efforts to arrest the firebug before one of his blazes results in death. Original air date 4/30/57;

THE MARSHAL OF TRAIL CITY... Starring Wild Bill Elliott, Dub Taylor, Valley Keene; A peaceable man becomes marshal of his town at the end of a cattle trail and faces the problems of law enforcement with trail drovers and gunhands;

DISC 5... THE EMMETT KELLY SHOW... Starring Emmett Kelly;

A LIGHT IN THE FRUIT CLOSET... From Goodyear Theatre, Starring Jacklyn O’Donnell, Steve Dunne, Maggie Hayes; original air date 4/27/59;

SHOW WAGON... From Goodyear Theatre, Starring Jack Albertson, Luke Anthony, Connie Hines & Toby Michaels, original air date 2/29/60;

I REMEMBER CAVIAR... From Goodyear Theatre, Starring Pat Crowley, Elliott Reid, Lurene Tuttle & Jack Mulhall; original air date 5/11/59;

BOYDEN VS BUNTY... From Alcoa Threatre, Starring Bert Convy, Robert Trumbull, Kathy Reed, Jimmy Bates, Raymond Bailey, Madge Blake, Helen Kleeb; original air date 5/18/59;

DISC 6...

THE MIGHTY ‘O’... Starring Craig Stevens & Alan Hale;

STARR OF THE YANKEES... (aka Starr, First Baseman, 1965, 30 mins) Starring Martin Milner, Steven Boyd, Stuart Whitman and David Thursby; New York Yankee rookie Joe Starr (Martin Milner) attempts to make a comeback after being injured when he is hit in the head by a baseball during a game; BUNCO... Starring Robert Urich, Tom Selleck & Milt Kogan; Tom Selleck is a member of the "Bunco" squad, in charge of nabbing con men, cheats, and swindlers. Most of their time is spent dealing with penny-ante street-corner crooks. But their investigations start to reveal a larger con game in progress;

DISC 7...

COOL & LAM... Starring Billy Pearson & Benay Ventua and created by Earle Stanley Gardner under the pseudonym of A. A. Fair; light-hearted pilot for a proposed 1958 CBS detective series. Penny-pinching, rotund Bertha Cool runs a detective agency while her dimunitive junior partner Donald Lam provides the legs and padded expense account. In the pilot, Lam's investigation of infidelity leads to murder;

DING HOWE AND THE FLYING TIGERS... Starring Richard Denning; RIO... Starring James Best and Adam West;

DISC 8...

WHO GOES THERE... Starring Pat Hingle, Ben Blue & Lisa Gaye;

WITCHCRAFT... Starring Blanche Yurka, John Baragrey, Darren McGavin and Robert Middleton; Madame Tirelou is a witch who will not allow her daughter Marie to marry her true love Louis. The witch puts a curse on Louis should he ever set eyes on Marie again. Louis enlists the help of his old friend Fred to break the witch's spell so the young lovers may finally marry. However, Madame Tirelou proves more powerful than non-believer Fred bargained for;

BATGIRL... Starring Yvonne Craig, Adam West and Burt Ward; At the Gotham City Library, Barbara Gordon helps Bruce Wayne find a book on butterflies so he can prove a point to a friend, a millionaire explorer. As Bruce and his youthful ward, Dick Grayson, are leaving they spot the villainous Killer Moth and three of his henchmen and, suspecting they are up to no good, determine to return as their superhero alter-egos, Batman and Robin. While the Caped Crusaders are donning their costumes, the criminal quartet knock out the millionaire, lock Barbara in an alcove and prepare to spirit their victim away. When the Dynamic Duo attempt to capture the crooks, they are encased in Killer Moth's silk cocoon. Is this the end of our Gotham City heroes? And why does a beautiful librarian have a cowl and a cape hanging in a convenient closet? (1967);

DICK TRACY... Starring Ray MacDonnell, Monroe Arnold and Jay Blood; Eve Plumb appears in the opening credit sequence of this pilot episode but does not appear in the episode itself. "The Plot to Kill Nato" was to be used as the episode title had this pilot gone to series;

WONDERWOMAN... Starring Ellie Wood Walker; At the height of the popularity of "Batman" (1966), producer William Dozier produced this short film in hopes of getting approval from Warner Brothers to produce a pilot episode for a "Wonder Woman" series, based on the comic book. Unlike "Batman," which was campy adventure, "Wonder Woman" was going to be a straight comedy series, along the lines of "Captain Nice." The resulting short written by several writers on the Batman series failed to win Dozier that approval;

DISC 9...

KEEFER... Starring William Conrad, Michael O'Hare and Cathy Lee Crosby; A U.S. Army colonel leads a crack group of secret agents operating behind enemy lines in occupied France during World War II (1978);

HARRY'S GIRLS... Starring Larry Blyden, Dawn Nickerson and Susan Silo; Harry Burns is the leader of a old-style vaudeville troupe consisting of three girls, Rusty, Lois, and Terry. Their old-fashioned style dance numbers are out of style in the US, but they've found a new audience in Europe. Now Harry has to balance the demands of the stage with his new role as the girls' chaperone;

DISC 10...

THE BEST DEFENSE... Starring Steven Landesberg, Rita Moreno and Clint Howard; ala "Barney Miller" and "Taxi" type sitcom. This situation takes place behind the scenes in the DA and Public Defender's office, jail and courtroom and the many situations that can arise. Steve Landesberg plays the lead public defender. Rita Moreno is the judge, and Clint Howard is the criminal defendant;

THE BUREAU... Starring Adam Trese, Andrea Roth and Dan Hedaya;

CLASS OF '55... Starring Alan Alda, Jamie Farr, Louise Lasser, John Carcher; 1972 comedy;

DISC 11...

DUFFY OF SAN QUENTIN... Starring Paul Kelly, Louis Hayward, Joanne Dru, Maureen O'Sullivan, George Macready and Joe Turkel; Based on the book and the reflections of San Quentin Prison Warden Clinton T. Duffy, the film is episodic and rambling in nature but, unlike most prison dramas, there are touches of humor. Duffy, whose "time" at San Quentin covered over 50 years, was initially appointed on a thirty-day basis, which makes him one of the best job-huggers of all time. Some of his first acts, such as abolishing the stool-pigeon system and solitary confinement and hiring a female nurse (Anne Halsey) were met with opposition and outrage in some quarters. The dominant story in the film is that of Edward Harper, a prisoner deemed incorrigible by the system until Duffy builds up trust and respect. His attitude was a bit justified as he was innocent of the charges that sent him to prison. Writers: Walter Doniger, Clinton T. Duffy (book);

TOM, DICK AND HARRY... Starring Gene Nelson, Joe Mantell, Marvin Kaplan and Irene Ryan; Pilot for a situation comedy about three war buddies who decide to chuck their individual careers and open a restaurant together;

CRISIS... Starring Billy Dee Williams, Davey Davison, Carl Betz, Robert Drivas, Joan Karr, Roger Perry, Ruth Roman, Susan Strasberg; a 1968 Quinn Martin Production / Premiere;

DISC 12...

ROADBLOCK... Starring Michael Connors (1958); BIRTHRIGHT... Starring Eddie Albert; THE STREETS OF BEVERLY HILLS... Starring Brian Keith.=


POOR DEVIL 1973 bumbling assistant to Satan hasn't gotten a soul for him for 1400 years. He gets one last chance when he's assigned get the soul of a Las Vegas gambler.Sammy Davis Jr. ... Christopher Lee ... Jack Klugman ... Adam West


CHANGING PATTERNS CBS Summer Playhouse: Season 1, Episode 3 Changing Patterns(26 Jun. 1987) Two housewives trying to enter the fashion industry can't find a store willing to buy their designs. VALERIE PERRINE, BRENDA VACCARO AND ALEX ROCCO


THE ZACHERLEY ARCHIVES 1998 How I wish that some smart executive in film and television would have the good sense to bring back the fright show to tv. You know what I mean...the Friday or Saturday late night show where a horror host would introduce a horror or science fiction movie and add jokes and just general fun to the proceedings. Those days are gone and unfortunately..with the exception of Elvira...were gone before my time. I read about all these cool horror hosts and their shows, but have never been able to see them...well that is till I found the Zacherley Archives. One of the first and certainly greatest horror hosts was John Zacherle, first out of Philadelphia and then New York City. Zacherle was known...and still is...as the Cool Ghoul for his make-up and ever resplendent wit. He was famous for introducing horror films and adding funny jokes(usually horrendously corny and campy) and little stories about his tomb or crypt and its inhabitants. In this tape, we are treated to a few of those old shows that somehow were saved from someone filming the television screen I believe. These shows are priceless as they show what it was like to grow up in the era...even keeping the commercials as well. Sure some of the humour is a bit dated, but boy I cannot tell you how much fun I had taking this trip down memory lane...a lane I would never have been able to travel otherwise. John Zacherle also does an introduction to each show in the present and I must say he still has his wit intact. For all the monster lovers out there...this one is for you.


In the lion's den, A former game-show producer finds herself producing a Kiddie puppet show.Wendy Crewson ... Dennis Boutsikaris ... Fred Applegate Marcia Gay Harden

Kung Fu the next Generation 1987 Brandon Lee ... David Darlow ... Miguel Ferrer ... A modern-day descendant of Caine hopes to turn his estranged son away from a life of crime


American Nuclear A New York columnist and a mayoral aide marry and create a blended family with his rebellious daughter and her uptight children.James Farentino ... lindsay Crouse ... mark Ruffalo ... Kim Hauser ... samantha Mathis

Baby on board Successful career couple in there 40s adjusts to the pressures of a new babyStars:Lawrence Pressman, Jane Galloway and Joan Copeland

disc 18


The "B Men" are high-schoolers who take up bounty hunting after "relying on their wits" to nab a serial killer Stars:James MacDonald, David Arnott and Kimberly Foster

King of the Building

Doorman on New York Park Avenue gets involved in the lives of his tenants.Stars:Richard Lewis, José Pérez and Simon Jones

Outpost Rachel Morgan is the marshal of a sleepy human "Outpost" on the planet Icarus, where a vicious alien leads a group of native Icari on the warpath Stars:Joanna Going, Ben Marley and Jeremy Flynn

disc 19

Mandrake the Magician Mandrake and Lothar battle enemy agents who have kidnapped the beautiful Princess Narda to force the magician to assist them locate a counter-intelligence agent who possess vital information. 1954 Mandrake the Magician Stars: Coe Norton, Woody Strode and Lisa Howard

Mandrake The Magician 1979 anthony herrara, simone griffeth, hank brandt

disc 20

Aquaman 2007

A young twenty-something diver living in the Florida Keys discovers he has the power to breathe underwater. Stars:Justin Hartley, Lou Diamond Phillips and Denise Quiñones

Global Frequency (final sales version 2004)

The Global Frequency is an independent, illegal, covert intelligence agency determined to prevent international politics from undermining the security of the global community Stars:Michelle Forbes, Aimee Garcia and Josh Hopkins

Wonder Woman 2011

It's the modern day, and being Wonder Woman is complicated. Diana is leading a triple life - running a large corporation out of costume and fighting crime in costume in one identity Stars:Cary Elwes, Adrianne Palicki and Elizabeth Hurley

disc 21

Puppetman 1987 A children's show puppeteer is torn between spending time with his visiting 6-year-old son and saving his show.Stars:Fred Newman, Richard Hunt and Jack Burns

The Saint in Manhattan 1987 Simon Templar returns to New York via Concorde and is feeling restless, until a note from an old flame surfaces Stars:Andrew Clarke, George Rose and Kevin Tighe

disc 22

This is how the world ends 2000 Michael J. Anderson, Lucas Babin and Molly Brenner According to an interview with Gregg Araki, MTV projected the budget for this TV series pilot to be $1.5 million. Instead of giving him that amount, they only gave him $700,000 and were hoping to find partners who would finance the difference. Araki offered to make the pilot for $700,000 and MTV took him up on it. After the pilot was shot, it was not picked up for broadcast .

Lost in Oz 2002 New take on the fictional world of Oz, as created by author L. Frank Baum, where a 20-something woman who leads a revolt against the powers that be in the mythical otherworld Stars:Melissa George, Colin Egglesfield and Mia Sara

Robinsons Lost in Space 2004

In the year 2082, the Earth was invaded by aliens after it was long determine that existence of extra terrestrials was long thought to be science fiction...Stars: Jayne Brook, Mike Erwin and Brad Johnson

disc 23

So Here's What Happened 2006 Hector Elizondo American Family 2007 A family puts up a front to convince their surrounding neighbors that they are a calm, cool and collected clan :Ashley Rickards, Rachel Specter and Michelle Barkowski

Nikki and Nora 2004 Nora Delaney and Nikki Beaumont are partners in the NOPD Special Crimes Unit in New Orleans police department. However, they are also more than partners - they are lovers.Stars:Joe Chrest, Christina Cox and Justin Groetsch

disc 24

Popeye Doyle 1986 While Popeye Doyle (Ed ONeill) is investigating what appears to be a very simple drug overdose, he becomes involved in international intrigue. The Mosad and various other foreign diplomatic figures turn up everywhere he goes. The drug overdose becomes a very involved murder case Stars: Ed O'Neill, Matthew Laurance and James Handy

Revenge of the Nerds 1991

Revenge of the Nerds" is an unaired pilot based on the movie. In fact, it's pretty much a condensed version of the movie. Lewis, Gilbert, Booger and Wormser are kicked out of their dorm by the Alpha-Betas, so they join the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity. By the end of the episode the nerds have had their revenge. The only totally new character is P.T. Turner, their resident advisor Stars:Rob Stone, Lightfield Lewis and Grant Gelt

disc 25

Crime Club 1973

A group of public and private investigators looks into the suspicious death of the son of one of its members' wealthy girlfriends Stars: Lloyd Bridges, Victor Buono and Paul Burke

Crime Club 1975

An attorney, an investigative reporter and the head of a crime prevetion organization set out to find out who is behind a series of ice-pick murders Stars:Scott Thomas, Eugene Roche and Robert Lansing

disc 26

The IT Crowd 2007

A team of computer geeks work in the IT department of a major company Stars: Rocky Carroll, Shea Curry and Jessica St. Clair

Making It Legal 2007

A pair of lawyer pals compete with each other to become a partner at their firm.Stars:Scott Wolf, Ashley Williams and Geoffrey Arend

Love American Style 1999

love in the old south / love and the heimlich maneuver / Stars:Melissa Joan Hart, Matt Letscher and Joely Fisher

disc 27

Fugly 2007

Identical twin sisters (Nikki Cox and Marissa Jaret Winokur) and their brother (Michael Rapaport) pitch in to buy one of the sisters (Cox) an extreme makeover so they can all move to Hollywood and capitalize on her good looks.Stars: Nikki Cox, Troy Gentile and Nate Haden, michael rapaport

Area 57 2007

A comedy about the employees for the U.S. government, who work in a remote facility in the Nevada desert, which houses an alien creature Stars: Paul Reubens, Jack Hallett and Kelly Hu,jane lynch,bruce mcgill,matthew lillard

Mulholland Dr. 2001 feature film

disc 28

Thunderbirds 1966

The International Rescue team is faced with one of its toughest challenges yet, as the revolutionary lighter-than-air craft Skyship One is hijacked while on her maiden voyage around the world. Against backdrops including the Statue of Liberty and the Sphinx, Lady Penelope, Parker, Alan and Tin-Tin fight the hijackers from on-board, while the rest of the team tries to stop the airship crashing into a missile silo.Stars:Peter Dyneley, Sylvia Anderson and Shane Rimmer

The MAD Magazine TV Special 1974 --

This was a pilot that never aired. Network executives deemed the humor too crude and adult to air on television. CARTOON FORMAT --INCLUDES GODFATHER PARODY -- PRETTY FUNNY STUFF--had spy vs spy and other standard features from the magazine

Stick Around 1975

pilot for a live action show similar to the Jetsons :Nancy New, Fred McCarren and Andy Kaufman


1978 This was the pilot for an American version of the British series The Avengers stars: Granville Van Dusen, Morgan Fairchild and Len Birman

disc 29

Zero Effect 2002

This television pilot was based upon the quirky 1998 detective film of the same name. Ultimately, NBC chose not to pick up this series. Stars: Alan Cumming, David Julian Hirsh and Krista Allen

Young Macguyver 2003

Angus Macgyver's nephew quits school and joins The Phoenix Foundation. But he finds it difficult to follow in the shoes of his famous uncle. Stars:Jared Padalecki, Alan Loayza and Lee Burns

disc 30

The Shadow 1954

Lamont Cranston, a psychiatrist on retainer to the police department, is asked to assist in the Case of the Cotton Kimono murder investigation. Lamont and his girlfriend Margot Lane are not satisfied with Detective Harris' analysis and call on the two prime suspects: the victim's voice instructor and her boyfriend. When Harris, convinced that the boyfriend is guilty, frames the young man for the crime, Lamont is forced to assume his secret identity as "The Shadow", and cloaked by his power of invisibility, seeks to force the true killer to reveal himself Stars: tom Helmore, Paula Raymond and Frank M. Thomas

Sherlock Holmes 1951

The Man Who Disappeared An adaptation of the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about a very wealthy businessman with a strange secret Stars: John Longden, Campbell Singer and Hector Ross

disc 31

Mr and Mrs Smith 2007

Newly relocated to the suburbs, married assassins John and Jane Smith have re-established their respective businesses, though the marital issues that plagued them in the past have returned.Stars:Martin Henderson, Lauren Birkell and Jordana Brewster

Lipshitz saves the World 2007

In a bizarre twist of fate, a young outcast learns he might be the one person who can save the world.Stars:Leslie Nielsen, Jack Carpenter and Ty Burrell

Heatvision and Jack

1999 As the result of a NASA miscalculation, Astronaut Jack Austin flew to close to the sun, the rays expanding his mind and making him the smartest man on the planet. Now he and his talking motorcycle (who contains the mind of his former roommate) are on the run from NASA and their assain, actor Ron Silver who want to take his brain. They travel from place to place solving paranormal mysteries with the help of Jack's newfound ability to become a super genius when his brain absorbs sunlight.Stars:Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Ron Silver

disc 32

The Art of Being Nick 1986

Stars:Scott Valentine, Kristine Sutherland and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Black Bart 1975

Western spoof concerning the adventures of a black sheriff and his fast-drawing sidekick fighting corruption and bigotry in the old west. Based on the feature film Blazing Saddles. Stars:Louis Gossett Jr., Steve Landesberg and Millie Slavin

beat Cops

The show's original pilot was in limbo for two years, before being re-shot for FOX. Conan O'Brien's backing is credited with getting the pilot re-shot and aired. Stars: Sam Seder, H. Jon Benjamin and David Earl Waterman, judy gold

High School Usa 1984 ==GREAT CAST --CK IT OUT -- Credited cast: Melody Anderson ,Crystal Bernard ... ,Anne-Marie Conklin Barbara Billingsley ... ,Henry Gibson ... ,Crispin Glover ... ,Bo Middleton Jon Gries ... Harriet Hilliard ... ,Anne-Marie Johnson ... ,Beth Franklin Ben Marley ... ,Jay-Jay Manners Jerry Mathers ... ,Ricky Nelson ... ,Julie Newmar ... ,Ken Osmond ... ,Paul Petersen ... Burt Ward ...

Remo Williams 1988 While Remo and his teacher work their missions, an elite assassin targets Remo - Stars: Roddy McDowall, Jeffrey Meek and Stephen Elliott

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- NOT SURE OF THE YEAR ON THIS ONE --

disc 33

Power Pack 1991 Stars:Nathaniel Moreau, Margot Finley and Bradley Machry

Solarman 1986 Cartoon Stars:M.G. Kelly, Bernard Erhard and Stan Jones

disc 34

Turner and Hooch 1990

Stars:Thomas F. Wilson, Wendee Pratt and Bradley Mott

Poochinski 1990

The talking bulldog at a policeman's feet turns out to be his late partner Stars: George Newbern, Amy Yasbeck and Frank McRae

disc 35

steel magnolias 1990

Television pilot based on the film. Although the show wasn't picked up for the fall schedule, CBS did air the pilot in the summer of 1990.Stars:Cindy Williams, Sally Kirkland and Elaine Stritch

disc 36

Coming to America 1989

Based on the film of the same name, this pilot places Prince Tariq of Zamunda and his assistant Oha in the house of a family in Queens, N.Y Stars: Tommy Davidson, Paul Bates and John Hancock|

Driving Miss Daisy 1992

Failed series pilot based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning stage play and multi-Academy Award-winning film. Was aired on CBS during the summer of 1992. Stars: Joan Plowright, Robert Guillaume and Saul Rubinek

disc 37

Countdown (not sure of details on this one)

Dead Lawyers 2004

:stars Sean Patrick Flanery, F. Murray Abraham and David Huband| -

The Partners --2003

A one-hour, action-drama about two female cops who can't stand the sight of each other Stars:Liz Vassey, Mary Catherine Garrison and Rick Hoffman

The Secret Service 2004 Young secret service agent must balance her dangerous work life and her already fragile relationship with her family.Stars:Sarah Wayne Callies, Shane Brolly and Shohreh Aghdashloo

Kat Plus 1 2004

* stars Jake Cherry, Marisa Coughlan and Dorothea Harahan

About A Boy 2003

Based on Nick Hornby's best-selling novel, About A Boy is the story of a cynical, immature young man who is taught how to act like a grown-up by a little boy Stars: Patrick Dempsey, Simone Gad and Max Kirsch|

DISC 38 Steel Justice

David Nash has lost his son and his will to live. But the boy appears in his dreams as well as his Robosaurus toy ! A mythical figure will help Nash to turn the Robosaurus into a real creature in order to avenge his son's death.Stars:Robert Taylor, J.A. Preston and Roy Brocksmith

The neurotic but perceptive Walter "Radar" O'Reilly joins the police force after the Korean war Stars:Gary Burghoff, Ray Buktenica and Victoria Jackson


A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN - 4 EPISODES 1993 Stars:Sam McMurray, Carey Lowell and Christine Elise, tracy Nelson , Garry Marshall, John Lovitz


Spinoff of the cult film, Christine Taylor stars as Mary, a girl who's mother has passed away leaving her to find herself in the clubs and parties of New York City. She is finally given a chance to prove herself thanks to Godmother Swoozie Kurtz who hires her to work Stars:Christine Taylor, John Cameron Mitchell and Merrin Dungey