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A couple of days ago as I was watching the local television news from Youngstown, Ohio I saw a sports clip featuring the middle weight boxing champion from 2007-2010, a local fellow named Kelly 'The Ghost' Pavlic, announce that he was retiring from boxing, and would not try to reclaim the title. In 1934 when this movie was filmed the middleweight boxing champ was Vince Dundee, but in this adventure young Joe Flynn, played by actor Wallace Ford, is fighting for the middleweight title. Movie star Gloria Jordan is having her problems on the set of her latest movie. She is a stuck-on-herself dame who snubs her nose at the director, her leading man and everyone else on the set. The director is about fed up with her shenanigans and poor, emotionless acting, but she is a 'star' - so everyone puts up with her . . . even her long-time friend Molly Evans, played by Kitty Kelly. The director in one scene tells her that the simple young actress that she used to be is now dead from Hollywood-itits, and her career is almost over. Star Gloria is romantically attached to wealthy playboy Roger Pentley, and when he leaves town on an extended cruise Gloria decides that she wants to have an affair with a young, handsome boxer that she spots one afternoon while horseback riding in the park. The fighter is totally enamored with the movie star, and she strings him along quite nicely . . . but his attention to her is harming his training for the big fight. Then, to complicate matters, playboy Roger returns to town amid stories of his affairs with another lady while he was gone. Gloria quickly tosses fighter Joe to the curb and runs after playboy Roger on the night before the big fight! What a mess! Of course this could never happen outside Hollywood, could it? Heh . . . . the names are different . . . the careers are different . . . but love triangles like this happen every day in just about every small town and large. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show.

Director: Edward Ludwig

Stars: John Halliday, Marguerite De La Motte, Wallace Ford

70 minutes.